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Retired Member

Application fraud: enemies at the gate

Defending against fraud is difficult even in the best of times, and these are not the best of times. The gains achieved by making card transactions more secure have pushed fraud to the main gate of e...

27 Dec 2011
Retired Member

Truth and Unintended Consequences

So much for “praise in public and reprimand in private.” A teacher publicly reprimanding a student who launches a spitball in class demonstrates to everyone the consequences of certain behavior. Regul...

23 Dec 2011
Brett King

How the post office is killing identity verification

There has been a 25% decline in the total mail volume for the USPS (United States Postal Service) from 2006-2011, resulting in a $5.1 Billion loss in 2011 alone. Since 2007 the USPS has been unable to...

22 Dec 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Robert Siciliano

Securing New Digital Devices

Laptops, desktops, Macs, mobiles, and tablets are on many people’s wish lists this holiday season. Once these shiny new devices are connected to the Internet, they will be under siege by malware creat...

21 Dec 2011
Retired Member

OTC clearing: show me the money

As a result of OTC clearing reform – Dodd-Frank, EMIR – the cost of OTC deals is clearly going to rise, and spreads and volumes are going to fall. Who can make money in a market like that? With the co...

19 Dec 2011
Robert Siciliano

Managing Family Time On The iPad or iPhone

On our way home from a recent family vacation, my two year old grew understandably anxious and uncooperative while waiting for a flight in an airport terminal. So I handed over my iPhone, hoping to di...

16 Dec 2011
Ronan Brennan

Getting the house in order for a post RDR world

2012 is set to be a dynamic year in the financial advisory sector. With the FSA’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) coming into effect in December 2012, IFAs have to up the ante with standardised prof...

14 Dec 2011
Retired Member

Want to See the Game Change? Be a Game Changer

Before any pick-up game as a kid -- or now for that matter -- we always set up the rules. The more complex the game, the longer everyone must wait to play. But participants in the capital markets cann...

01 Dec 2011
Miloslav Hoschek

Imagine Y2050 new payment structure for 1300mil migrants

TILL 2050 THERE WILL COME TO EUROPE 1,3 BILLION NEW MIGRANTS..... copyright Miloslav HOSCHEK PhD independent consultant mhoschek/ad/

01 Dec 2011
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Retired Member

For-bearance or against it?

So what actually are the FSA after then? Do they want firms to treat their ‘customers fairly’ when in times of temporary financial shortages, or do they want lenders and administrators to be more tra...

30 Nov 2011
Financial Services Regulation
Retired Member

Managing the 'Big' in Big Data

My first post on the topic of “Big Data” discussed the context of the "four Vs" of Big Data in financial services: Volume, Velocity, Variety & Value. With the latest developments in the ...

29 Nov 2011
Chris Dutta

Should we blame technology for the current crisis?

“Beware of the geeks bearing formulas” said Warren Buffett. Although aimed at quants and their complex financial models, sometimes I feel this statement is as equally as applicable to members of the I...

28 Nov 2011
Banking Architecture