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Web 3.0 Has Enormous Potential for Banks

If you don’t think Web 3.0 isn’t already transforming the way banks do business, consider this story: The American bank BBVA Compass recently decided to drop the $25 anniversary bonus on its checking ...

15 Oct 2012
Leon Orr

The likelihood and implications of a European ring-fence

Ring-fencing is never out of the news long at the moment, and the recently published Liikanen report, an EU-commissioned report on European banking, has now defined its version of implementation. It ...

12 Oct 2012
Retired Member

Basic Attraction

Has anyone noticed a lack of young IT talent in the UK at the moment? You know what I’m talking about… Everyone you interview is a dud (even though their academic results are glowing) and they all exp...

11 Oct 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Offer loyalty drivers to take banks beyond the basics

Retail banks are racking their brains trying to work out how best to stand out when it comes to retaining customer loyalty. Traditional reward programmes with points and cashback are no longer conside...

08 Oct 2012
Brett King

Gen-M and why they are abandoning face-to-face

Baby Boomers and Gen-X have in common the need to experience life in all it’s glory. Whether that is born out of a sense of adventure, the need for tactile feedback or in the sense of face-to-face soc...

07 Oct 2012
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Virtual reality?

With the universal banking model being an accepted fact of life for the UK’s ‘Big Four’ banks, these institutions have struggled to shake off the taint of association with their investment arms, whose...

02 Oct 2012
Pat Carroll

Ringing into the next social generation of online

BT recently conducted a survey amongst 1000 of its staff in a bid to gauge their attitudes and approaches to online security. What caught my eye about this survey is the simple fact that going online...

02 Oct 2012
Online Banking
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Future of cash is electronic cash

Cash don't disappear- that is a fact. Don't deny it. Or is it possible to replace cash with alternative low cost solution. For laymans terms, cash is low cost payment method. But as everyone who know...

27 Sep 2012
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
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No NFC on the iPhone 5?

Just in case you missed it ... The iPhone 5 has finally landed!! While the usual queues greeted the latest instalment of the world’s best loved smartphone, in mobile payment circles, all the talk is a...

25 Sep 2012
Finance 2.0
Alex Noble

The challenge for RBoS positioning the Direct Line IPO

On one level, selling Direct Line in an IPO looks straight forward. The business model is proven and is made up of strong, well established brands. It is the leading UK personal lines insurer with a 1...

20 Sep 2012
Unified Communications in Financial Services
Samarth Shekhar

European banks' race to shared services, open source

Further to my previous post calling for more SWIFT-style sharing of IT and back office among European Banks we now have (1) Deutsche Bank calling upon rivals to share investment banking technology; ...

14 Sep 2012
Retired Member

Look West - what European retail banks can learn from the US

With the economic outlook in Europe still far from rosy, and signs of a further stumble coming from North America, consumers across the Northern hemisphere are getting used to the idea of having to

12 Sep 2012