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Date Posted: 20 Oct 2017

Job Reference:  G3RR-7TT

Company: Nerdom Retail Bank

Position Title: Chief Executive Officer

Reports to: Board of Directors

Reporting to this position: Chief Experience Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Delivery Officer


Nerdom Bank is proud of its 120 year history in financial services.  We have helped millions of customers across Europe in saving for a holiday or purchasing a home.  We have now come to the realisation that banking is no longer about taking deposits and lending money.  Evolving customer behaviours have challenged the core of what we do and who we are.

After years of underperformance, declining customer satisfaction and disintermediation by new entrants, Nerdom Bank is looking for a progressive and passionate CEO to drive forward a new era for the company.  As the CEO of the bank, you must work in close collaboration with the board to deliver our long-term strategy of simple, transparent and selfless banking.

The successful candidate must possess a ‘customer’s first’ attitude and exhibit the values of honesty and integrity in their work.  We now consider ourselves a technology company so candidates with CTO or CIO experience are preferred.   The CEO is expected to lead by example and be willing to put long-term strategic gain ahead of short-term market results.  To this effect, the CEO will receive no shared based performance bonuses and incentives will be aligned to long-term achievements.


1. Strategic direction, policy and planning

a) Transition the group to a new operating model aligned to the ‘simple, transparent and selfless banking’ strategy

b) Guide the group through a significant technology re-platforming and legacy decommission phase

c) Ensure the group is on target to achieve its branch, cash and paper reduction goals by 2020

d) Work with the board to redefine the bank’s core people, customer and shareholder values


2. Financial planning, allocation and investment

a) Put in place appropriate funding to extend the group’s technology capability through strategic investments and acquisitions

b) Ensure there is an appropriate allocation of funding across distribution channels in line with customer needs

c) Work with the board to ensure financial accounting, forecasting and allocation is accurate and timely

d) Assure that there is an effective fund development program in place for the group


3. Delivery, management and people

a) Complete the execution of the onshoring strategy by bringing back operations and technology functions from abroad

b) Deliver a strong working environment that manages a pipeline of talent, and retains and rewards quality staff

c) Evolve the group delivery framework to put in place a robust internal execution capability

d) Ensure all employees have appropriate performance management and objective setting processes in place


4. Governance

a) Work with the Board to fulfil its governance function and facilitate the optimum performance of the bank

b) Implement a vigorous risk and security management standard with regular monitoring and evaluation

c) Engage with legislators, regulators and the government to foster healthy and open dialogue

d) Manage the groups due diligence process to assure timely attention to core issues


5. Marketing, customer experience and service

a) Oversee the customer and community listening programme in order to improve the banks services

b) Facilitate the integration of the bank into the fabric of the community by using effective marketing activities

c) Act as an advocate, within the public and private sectors, for the banks services and products

d) Initiate, develop, and maintain a strong alignment of strategy, customer and service goals



The successful candidate will demonstrate critical competencies in the following four categories:

Commitment to results: Must be a strategic thinker who is customer focused and persistent

Leading change: Action oriented, innovative and willing to make bold decisions to solve problems

Tech savvy: Requires demonstrated experience in identifying and integrating new technology

Motivating: This individual knows how to influence significant change and enable others.


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