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Retired Member

FinTech 2.0

Investment keeps flowing into start-ups that are missioned to disrupt financial technology and break banks. The way we obtain loans, invest, accept and make payments is being challenged and disrupted ...

12 Nov 2015
Benjamin  Thorpe

Optimising cash for retailers with smart safes

Many retailers face the same challenges when it comes to managing cash. Expensive staff time is spent processing cash and correcting errors, only for the cash to be stored on-site before it can be dep...

05 Nov 2015
Ahmed Michla

The Payment Model In Banking: From Stasis To Dynamic Change

The payments landscape is in flux and changing fast. Ahmed Michla of Sopra Banking Software explains what might come next – and how to cope New technology is altering the way payments are made. As a r...

04 Nov 2015
Retired Member

Regulation PS15-22 Insurance Add-ons - from a CX perspective

Ok, I love a good piece of regulation advice, I admit it. I was recently reading FCA Policy statement PS15/22 ( on...

03 Nov 2015
Retired Member

User Training I get nervous around really smart people

04 January 2001. I took a flight to Eastern Europe (Poland) for the first time. Little did I imagine it is going to be the first of the many trips I would make time and again to Eastern Europe. I flew...

31 Oct 2015
Benjamin  Thorpe

In banking, as in rugby, there’s no room for human error

Congratulations to New Zealand on their Rugby World Cup win at the weekend. The Rugby World Cup has provided numerous iconic images but the vision of South African referee Craig Joubert sprinting from...

30 Oct 2015
Retired Member

Signed, sealed, delivered: 7 keys to FinTech project management success

Following NextBank Barcelona, Devie Monhan wrote a great piece about how banks are investing in FinTech, part of which jumped out at me: "The FinTech firms are putting more pressure on banks to i...

29 Oct 2015
Shaun Russell

Have banks finally spotted the digital data carrot?

The rising availability of customer data means customer-centricity should be the top priority of every financial institution today. Faster moving, less regulated industries like retail and digital ser...

29 Oct 2015
Rich Wagner

Is today a good day to become a bank? Maybe... Maybe Not!

When George Osborne announced that newly established challenger banks would no longer be exempt from the 8% tax that applies to the biggest banks, many of those at the helm of these new businesses wil...

28 Oct 2015
Kirsty Berry

Missing: A great mobile banking experience

Increasing numbers of UK consumers are downloading mobile banking apps and utilising them for everyday financial transactions, whether checking balances or transferring money between accounts. Researc...

28 Oct 2015
Benjamin  Thorpe

Why Monitor an Attended Device?

Everywhere you look these days someone, somewhere, is monitoring something; CCTV on the streets, speed cameras on roads, entry and exit cameras in car parks, even your location via your Smartphone App...

28 Oct 2015
Benjamin  Thorpe

A cash wager - what 17th century French philosophy can tell us about cash today

​If I remember one thing from university it is Pascal’s Wager. Blaise Pascal was a seventeenth century French philosopher, mathematician & writer. One of Pascal’s most famous works was the Pensé

28 Oct 2015