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Retired Member

Disrupting the Disruptors: Winning through Value

I’d like to consider what Value now means to the retail banking customer and what that means, in turn, for the retail banks that serve them. I'll offer a point of view on how banks have approached in...

04 Dec 2015
James Tomaney

The Future Of ATM Software?

I recently attended The Payments Knowledge Forum in London. This annual gathering of users, suppliers and consultants in the transaction switching business has a 30 year history. It started as EBUG ...

04 Dec 2015
Ben O'Brien

The 2015 stress testing results and key areas for improvement

Today, the 2015 stress testing results of the UK’s seven largest banks and building societies have been revealed. The results show that there has been significant improvement in stress testing process...

01 Dec 2015
Mike Davies

Challenging the challengers on customer communication

Anthony Thompson, former founder of Metro Bank, laid down his vision for banking recently in an interview with Marketing Week: “nobody cares about banking”. For him, he sees banking as a basic service...

27 Nov 2015
Retired Member

How banks can improve the loyalty experience in three simple steps

What consumers expect from their loyalty programmes is evolving. To improve the experience in line with these expectations, financial service organisations must obtain a better understanding of their ...

27 Nov 2015
Said Tabet

Black Friday: Should we be worried about our transactions?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend marks one of the busiest shopping periods in the UK. The tradition, which originated in the US, where it follows Thanksgiving Thursday, arrived in the UK a fe...

26 Nov 2015
Ahmed Michla

Improving Financial Services Through Cognitive Technologies

One definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everything a computer can't do yet – because as soon as it can do it, we call it normal. Behind that wry remark are the remarkable quiet advance comp...

24 Nov 2015
Benjamin  Thorpe

ICCOS Asia and Newton’s 3rd Law of Thermodynamics

Presenting recently at the ICCOS Asia conference in Malaysia, I was asked to talk about the changes that retail cash automation is having on other stakeholders in the cash cycle: the banks, the ATM de...

17 Nov 2015
Nanda Kumar

Back to the Future of Security in Financial Services

If the past few years have taught the world anything, it is that no business is safe online. Cyber criminals are targeting financial services organisations and this battle will rage on until security ...

17 Nov 2015
Vinod Sekharankutty

David versus Goliaths

A new age banker almost like a messiah made an announcement today about "brushing aside" the dinosaurs. Sure most people see the traditional banks as slow, lumbering giants and who are furth...

16 Nov 2015
Retired Member

Bespoke Digital Banking: the power of Big Data and Predictive Analytics

As consumer expectations towards digital user experience are increasing, more and more banks are striving to provide great customer experience on their digital banking channels – online, mobile, and t...

15 Nov 2015
Ben O'Brien

10 key steps to implement IFRS 9

In January 2018, banks will have to change the process that currently calculates their credit impairments. While 2018 may seem quite a long way off, there is a lot of work to be done in order to meet ...

13 Nov 2015