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Retired Member

Around the Clock Tweeting

Banks continue to increase their social media presence, especially on Twitter. But for all the talk of 24/7 omnichannel experiences, the number of institutions offering a genuine round the clock, real...

15 May 2014
Andy Hirst

To be in-branch or not to be in-branch? That’s the question

It seems France and Britain still have little in common. Financial services institutions in Europe have different views about the future of in-branch banking, although they all agree that everyone v

12 May 2014
Retired Member

Labour’s three objectives for banking reform

With the UK parliamentary elections only a year away, the shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury Cathy Jamieson MP has set out Labour’s views on retail banking and the payments market in particula...

09 May 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Andy Hirst

Give them the Omni Channel Expereince

Are today’s financial services customers increasingly frustrated by banks that are unable to meet their shifting requirements? Definitely. Growth in the use of smartphones and tablet computers opens u...

08 May 2014
Retired Member

Mystery Shopping the Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants might be transforming how banks deal with customer queries, but quantifying that the best advice and the right answer is given each time, isn’t always as simple as it seems. With mo...

08 May 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

Why kids don't sign and banks shouldn't either

In a recent UN/ICAO commissioned survey on the use of signatures in passports, a number of countries including the UK recommended phasing out the long held practice because it was no longer deemed of...

05 May 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Rationalization: Rolling out best practices

It is intriguing to see how often individual branches or geographic divisions in a bank have the tendency to re-invent the wheel. Why would a bank choose different organizational structures and proces...

30 Apr 2014
Retired Member

UK account switching gathers pace

Customer experience the key as UK account switching gathers pace The in-bank customer experience has always been important for financial institutions, but two current trends are placing even greater

24 Apr 2014
Electronic Bank Account Management
Mike Smith

The UK Payment Services Regulator: Let Battle Commence

Welcome to my first blog, in particular to those who have been sweating on completing their response to the new Payment Systems Regulator's call for inputs, deadline today. I have had a peaceful day, ...

15 Apr 2014
Alex Bray

Retail channels - competing and cannibalising?

Over the years, the banking industry has been adapting to a consumer migration from bricks-and-mortar branches, to digital points of interaction. To handle this movement, banks have built up the range...

15 Apr 2014
Online Banking
Parvez Ahmad

Smart Watch for Retail Banking, Is it time?

Wearable technology has been the talk, as the “next big thing”, since Google released the prototype of Google Glass. It has been hailed by the tech fanboy club but also been criticized on questions re...

02 Apr 2014
Future Finance
Retired Member

The 'customer' conundrum for traditional investment managers

Obsessed with the bottom line? Consumed by operational costs brought on by a myriad of regulations? Obsessed with the customer? Which of these is the odd one out? When I posed the question to an inves...

02 Apr 2014