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Kartik Swaminathan

Banking on Branches in the Digital and Fintech Age

The advent of the fintech & digital age has had an adverse impact on both perception and reality of having physical bank branches. We have seen largely in developed nations, that a large number of...

10 Sep 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Jaroslav Ton

Fintech can play a critical role in saving Europe’s SMEs from an inflation crisis

Inflation is at rates not seen since in many countries since the 70s. It’s likely to get worse and much of the globe will experience a significant recession over the next 18 months. The situation in E...

07 Sep 2022
Joris Lochy

Bring order to the Fintech chaos

The word "Fintech" has become such a hype and such a widely used term, that it can actually mean anything today. Therefore when people ask for trends in the Fintech industry, this becomes ha...

06 Sep 2022
Fintech World
Kateryna Danylchenko

Ukraine - Why a more global approach to credit is crucial in a refugee crisis

Since war broke out in Ukraine, over 12 million people have fled their homes and 8 million have left the country – myself included. Currently, 5.5 million Ukrainian refugees have registered for Tempor...

01 Sep 2022
Banking and Lending Solutions
Rob Straathof

Instagram has launched ‘payment in chat’: what does this mean for online merchants?

Last month it was announced that Instagram is introducing a ‘payments in chat’ feature, where users can purchase products from businesses and track orders via the direct message function. Initially be...

17 Aug 2022
Embedded Finance
Andrew Beatty

Financial Wellbeing: Behavioral Economics at Work and Play

Like physical health, financial health is a very private matter – and both forms of wellbeing are closely intertwined. Unfortunately talking openly about personal money matters is often considered tab...

10 Aug 2022
Consumer Financial Health
Uday Akkaraju

A Call to Action for Banks: Link Financial Health With Your Services

Let’s start with the good news. The US economy is slowly recovering from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bad news: About two-thirds of US Americans are still struggling with the

05 Aug 2022
Consumer Financial Health
Brad Goodall

Why technology has a vital role in financial inclusion in a post-pandemic world

When financial services and products are readily available to adults of all demographics, people have more power over their cash flows and can invest in their households, skills, or business. Right

03 Aug 2022
Helghardt Avenant

The emergence of niche banking

There is no need for brick-and-mortar banks. The days of traditional banks are gone. The reasons they have not disappeared yet? Three major reasons: They don’t have the right software or skills to se...

01 Aug 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Mark Aldred

Could the FCA and Fintech Rewrite the Rules for Branch and ATM Cuts?

On 26th July 2022, the FCA ended its consultation on whether its guidance on how banks close branch and ATMs services should be changed. This consultation was significant because it acknowledged curr...

28 Jul 2022
Financial Services Regulation
Raj Dasgupta

CFPB Open Banking Rule – Examining Privacy and Security

The development of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) “Open Banking Rule” is causing concerns in the world of financial services. The CFPB’s new focus on open banking is part of the effor...

26 Jul 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Mat Mehrotra

How mobile banking can unlock real financial progress

By Mat Mehrotra, Chief Digital Officer, BMO Financial Group Across industries, digital transformation has continued to accelerate fueled by evolving customer expectations, new competitors, and clear b...

26 Jul 2022
Digital Banking

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