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Financial Services Regulation

PSD3: What Is It and What Does It Affect?

22 Nov 2023

PSD3, the anticipated upgrade to PSD2, emerged in late 2018, marking a regulatory stride five years after PSD2's introduction. The renewed Payment Services Directive aims to encompass a broader scope than its predecessor, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of electronic payments and the entrance of new providers offering open banking services....

Financial Services Regulation

Enriched payment data: Exploring the AN 4569

20 Nov 2023

Data is one of the most valuable assets, transforming industries in unprecedented ways. Among these industries, are finance and payments where data plays a critical role. This blog post will discover the new Mastercard Mandate and its implications for banks and fintech companies. What is AN 4569 Revised Standards? When we talk about AN 4569 we are...


What is an API and how can banks and fintechs use them?

16 Nov 2023

In the past years, the financial sector has been digitally transformed, we could say one of the most. In short terms, the emergence of open banking has led financial institutions to use the famous APIs. What for? To offer more services that were not offered before and to automate others. Here we tell you what they are and what they are for. What i...


Advancements in Fraud Detection using Payment Enrichment Data

15 Nov 2023

As you may already know, in the digital world we increasingly live in, fraudulent activities in finance are a major problem for both companies and individuals. Simultaneously, advances have been made to develop solutions that prevent risks and detect fraud in a timely manner. One of these solutions is data enrichment. Thanks to this technique, com...