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Diederick Van Thiel


Looking at the 2020 strategic banking game to detect the winners! The battle on the banking customer has become intense. Therefore, I researched the underlying competencies that drive current and futu...

30 Nov 2020
Bryn Barlow

Strategic cost-reduction is crucial to thriving in the post-pandemic world

Banks won’t come out of this pandemic unscathed – ISG analysis suggests that EMEA banking revenues could be hit by up to 40% in 2021. Interest margins are being squeezed hard, capital ratios are under...

26 Nov 2020
Simon Wilson

Banking on the Future: Why Payments Transformation is the Key to Success

Standardisation, regulation and technological innovation means payments are well on the way to becoming instant, invisible and free. This is good news for everybody. Well, not quite everybody. Banks a...

25 Nov 2020
Dhruvesh Patel

Journey to Cloud - How to kick start cloud-enabled digital transformation?

In recent era, Banking and Financial organizations are now embracing cloud, the question has changed from “Should we go to cloud?” to “How to embrace cloud?”. This article will focus on cloud moderniz...

18 Nov 2020
Chitwan Bhardwaj

Impediment to Digital Banking in Incumbent,Traditional Banks

Banking has really changed in the last decade by the entry of New Age Banks (NAB), NeoBanks and Fintechs. They are rolling out new digital features/services at an alarming rate now. Although,the tradi...

16 Nov 2020
Prasoon Mukherjee

BUSINESS AGILITY in Banks - A need for Structural Leadership Reorganization, plus looking beyond IT.

Ability and need to be nimble, like a blade of grass that bends to the waves of wind in any direction is possibly the right metaphor to use in comparing our ecosystem, in which we work that is notorio...

16 Nov 2020
Vincent Pugliese

Accelerating bank and fintech collaboration through app partnerships

Consumers today expect convenience, personalization and choice from their financial service providers. As a result, financial institutions are under increased pressure to evolve and keep up with chang...

12 Nov 2020
Andrew Beatty

What does it really mean to be a challenger bank?

… and why does it matter to incumbents. Challenger banks are the world’s hottest start-up. Banking Tech suggests there are 102 challenger banks in the U.K. alone, three of which have achieved the “u...

12 Nov 2020
Sam Boboev

Russian style: fintech vs bigtech

As a person who is from a Central Asian country which is in close relation with Russia I have always used some kind of Russian made IT product. This applies to fintech products too, for example, among...

12 Nov 2020
Amber Marquardt

Five Reasons to Move Your Customer Communication to the Cloud Today

Faster. Easier. Cost-effective. Impactful. These are the goals of every financial institution as it manages its burgeoning customer communication requirements. Instead, firms are mired in communicati...

10 Nov 2020
Michael Bevan

Best practices for a successful KYC remediation project

In the past two years regulators in some jurisdictions (most notably the Nordics, UK and the Netherlands) have started to increasingly focus on the quality and completeness of existing client records—...

09 Nov 2020
Daniel Fasnacht

Frugal banking - an opportunity to create customer value in the future?

Investments that are necessary to innovate and serve customers are no longer sustainable while COVID-19 hastens the need to exploit the potential of digital innovations. Serving customers accurately d...

06 Nov 2020