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Olivier Berthier

Embracing digital in the face of bank branch closures

In recent years, the landscape of banking across the globe has undergone significant transformations. Among these many changes, the closure of bank branches on the high street has become a common sigh...

26 Jul 2023
Maria Schuld

Generating Deposits while Protecting Margins

The number one concern of banking executives I spoke with at a recent industry conference was deposit growth. Specifically, bankers want to grow core deposits without pricing themselves into less prof...

25 Jul 2023
Retired Member

PEPs and Sanctions lists are not set in stone

In the UK, fraud has become a significant concern, to the point where it has been reclassified as a threat to national security, elevating its status to that of terrorism. This highlights the importa...

20 Jul 2023
Sergiy Fitsak

How To Be (And Stay!) a Disruptor In The Payment Card Market

This guide aims to help you gain a competitive edge in the Payments Market with insights, trends, and technological awareness. Payments Market Overview The digital payments market has witnessed incred...

19 Jul 2023
Andrew Beatty

Embedded Wealth Management: The Next Big Disruptor?

Embedded finance is mainstream, and e-commerce dynamics have changed forever. What began with payments quickly extended into deposits, lending, insurance, and other financial services. Consumers clear...

18 Jul 2023
John Bertrand

Supreme Court, July 2023, only where validity of instruction is unclear bank to use Duty of Care

Under the new ruling, when a bank receives a valid payment request with no room for interpretation or choice, the bank must execute the order. That means if the owner of the bank account authorises a ...

16 Jul 2023
Barley Laing

How SaaS is leading the way in cleaning customer data and delivering ID checks

Speeding up business processes and tasks is something evolving software-as-a-service (SaaS) has been instrumental in delivering. Today, as SaaS reaches maturity, it offers great value to those in fina...

14 Jul 2023
Anusha Sivaramakrishnan

Generative AI – pioneering the next wave in capital markets

Generative AI has gained prominence in the recent times due to its truly transformative and disruptive potential. The evolution started with rapid advances in machine learning techniques for predict

14 Jul 2023
Andrew Grevett

How financial trading services can boost neobank profitability

Neobanks have burst onto the scene in the last decade. Targeting rapid growth, market penetration and new customers, they have shaken up the banking industry, taking with them tens of millions of cust...

13 Jul 2023
Sergiy Fitsak

Exploring Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs): Features and Advantages

Introduction The emergence of Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) has revolutionized the payments industry, captivating the interest of consumers, merchants, and financial institutions.This article div...

12 Jul 2023
Sameer Pethe

Omnichannel strategies key in the continuation of strong bank performance in 2022

2022 was a year of extremes in retail banking across Europe. Interest rates rose for the first time in a number of European countries, troubles of the pandemic were in the rearview, and revenue and pr...

12 Jul 2023
Roy Prayikulam

Embracing Instant Payments: A New Era and Its Challenges for Fraud Fighters

In the fast-paced world we live in today, the desire for instant gratification has created an increasing demand for real-time payments. This need puts a significant amount of pressure on all industrie...

12 Jul 2023

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