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Discussion around current trends in regulations for banks globally

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Shirish Netke

RegTech: Systems of Insight to Guide AML

On the same day that the prosecution rested its case against Paul Manafort, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Tucson, AZ got a seven-year sentence against a fraudster for a money-laundering scheme; a for...

18 Aug 2018
Sufyan Khan

Preparing data functions for the 2017 stress tests

In November 2016, the Bank of England (BoE) published the results of its 2016 banking stress tests which measured the resilience of UK’s major banks’ balance sheet in adverse scenarios. These incorpor...

31 Jul 2018
Breana Patel


CECL vs. CCAR: A Significant Change in the Banking Industry In an effort to reinforce the financial system, The FASB (Financial Accounting Standard Board) releases new regulations and policies from ...

24 Jul 2018
Breana Patel

Top 5 Fintech and Banking Trends : Cognitive Banking enables AI to create solutions based on BigData

In conversation with Marika Lulay we discuss top 5 trends in Fintech and Banking Industry 1.Industry 4.0 — I strongly believe that there is a paradigm shift in the way IT systems will be built and run...

24 Jul 2018
Anjani Kumar

AnaCredit - Implementation challenges and lessons for the future stages

Background AnaCredit (analytical credit dataset) is a three-stage project that was launched by the European Central Bank (ECB). In April 2014, ECB had announced the establishment of a central credit r...

20 Jun 2018
Retired Member

Big fine but no time

Big fine but no time – CBA receives largest corporate fine in Australian history What is the cost of breaching AML/CFT regulations 53,750 times? According to AUSTRAC it is AUD$700 million, which was t...

08 Jun 2018
Retired Member

Open Banking will force banks to innovate to survive

As the first banks start implementing Open Banking, much of the talk in the industry is about how banks will manage security issues to become compliant. Whilst security is clearly an issue, I don’t be...

22 May 2018
Laura Glynn

Examining Beneficial Ownership Register Adoption in APAC

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regards access to accurate information regarding beneficial ownership as critical to the effective deterrence of criminal activities that could be obscured by co...

21 May 2018
Bob Lyddon

Major difference between the UK's two flavours of Voluntary Liquidation and the FCA's SMR

Qualifying applicants under the UK Financial Conduct Authority's Senior Managers Regime must complete a lengthy form and, in certain circumstances, provide full explanatory information. A candidate mu...

20 May 2018
Freddie McMahon

GDPR is becoming a bigger problem for USA firms

There is a very interesting issue related to GDPR that has emerged from the USA. Very simply, USA firms that adhere to GDPR, but do not apply at least the same level of consent to its domestic custome...

18 May 2018
Aoife Harney

GDPR in Context: 10 Data Subject Rights

GDPR introduces ten new rights to data subjects. Chapter III of GDPR, Section 1 provides for some of the transparency requirements placed upon data controllers as they communicate with data subjects. ...

09 May 2018
Nanda Kumar

2008-2018, two turning points for the financial services sector

10 years after the last financial crisis, a new upheaval in banking It’s been 10 years since the global financial crisis, considered by many to be the worst since the great depression. New regulation...

04 May 2018