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Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Peculiarities of International Money Transfer App Development

Online banking has changed the model of customer interaction with financial institutions. The American Bankers Association has found that people are more likely to manage money through smartphones (3...

17 Mar 2022
Joris Lochy

Digital Finance Summit - A recap

Last week I had the chance to attend the yearly "Digital Finance Summit" conference in Brussels. After a pure digital event last year, the event was a hybrid event this year, which allows to...

09 Dec 2021
Yahya Mohamed Mao

Why fintechs will play a key role in the metaverse

As in many other fields, this virtual space of the metaverse has sparked a desire among financial innovators to learn how fintech and new fintech solutions can provide financial services in this entir...

06 Dec 2021
Austin Talley

Three Mantras Every Fintech Entrepreneur Should Follow

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.” Jaime Murray Fintech entrepreneurs face many challenges, even from the start of their budding businesses. The term “finte...

02 Nov 2021
Vladimir Kuiantsev

Migrating a Payments Orchestration Platform to the Cloud: Why and Is It Worth it?

Our company developed a payments orchestration platform. In this article, we shared our experience of moving to cloud microservice architecture and pointed out the practical benefits of this approach...

10 Sep 2021
Abhinav Paliwal

What is Mobile Wallet Marketing ?

Launched just about a decade ago in 2011, mobile wallets are one of the newest forms of payment. They are your digital applications like Google pay, Apple Pay etc., that store your payment information...

31 Jul 2021
Vivek Dubey

Fintech and The Business Opportunities in Sports Industry

Fintech is an amalgam of two words: finance and technology. It is concerned with the application of technology in various industries with the intent of streamlining operations, improving user experien...

27 Jul 2021
Steven Hatton

How to overcome the current uncertainties on EMI Passporting

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the post Brexit environment for offering financial services, both to FinTechs in Europe who wish to operate in UK and UK companies wishing to offer their servi...

21 Jul 2021
Kartik Swaminathan

Skills for Future of Work in Digital World

15th July was World youth Skills Day. The importance of Skills has increased, especialy with recent pandemic and of course the Digital world is also posing new opportunites for youths. But is that the...

17 Jul 2021
Steven Hatton

How should a new FinTech be allocating their resources?

As a new Fintech preparing to come to market with your new services there are many demands on what may initially be limited resources. You will need to obtain your FCA licence, create the platform on ...

14 Jul 2021
Willem Lambrechts


Funny, it doesn’t sound like that when I attend a sales planning session or a review…the buzzwords popping up in those meetings read like : lead generation, growth hacking, warm and cold calling, C-le...

25 May 2021
Retired Member

Agriculture: The Five Fintechs To Watch In 2021

Agriculture is often Fintech’s forgotten cousin behind consumer and business sectors. While also known as Agritech, ‘Fintech within agriculture’ relates specifically to the discipline of financial te

21 May 2021

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