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Fintech World

The Future of Borrowing: Mutual Gains Through Credit Flexibility for Lenders and Borrowers

23 Nov 2023

Any product is created to fill a gap experienced by an ideal customer persona. Loans, for example, are offered to customers facing financial difficulties or cash flow crunches. However, they often come in such rigid packages that their one-size-fits-all approach may undermine the very purpose for which they were designed. Term loans aim to solve f...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AI Lending: Unleashing the power of data

03 Oct 2023

AI has arrived in our lives — whether you like it or not. We are all knowingly or unknowingly participants in a real-life version of Turing’s imitation game — machine intelligence that is indistinguishable from human behaviour. Generative AI (ChatGPT) is a well-known example. But there are lesser-known AI capabilities powering the world of financ...


Decoding the mystery of rising MSME lending

05 Dec 2022

After a pandemic-induced dry spell, MSMEs are back in action. A look at their credit demand is proof enough. Loan queries grew 1.6 times since the pre-COVID era and the government has predicted that the sector’s lending potential may reach Rs. 3 trillion next year. These numbers indicate that MSME credit demand is only set to rise. And lenders—pri...