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Bob Lyddon

What we learned about the UK's New Payments Architecture

On 18th October 2018 - the re-branded New Payment System Operator - held a launch event and distributed brochures about their procurement process for a strategic partner with whom to develop th...

23 Oct 2018
Bob Lyddon

Bank of England, the main roadblock to opening up UK payments

We learned on Thursday 18th October 2018, at the launch event of, that any renewal of the UK's retail payments infrastructure will have to wait until after the renewal of the Bank of England's ...

21 Oct 2018
Bob Lyddon, our new zaibatsu

[Sourced from the research behind Project Carlton] New Payment System Operator Ltd has just changed its name to Ltd, a shatteringly unoriginal name and unfortunate in that NPSO was meant to sig...

14 Oct 2018
Scott Cutler

Protecting Financial Services from the Risks of Mobile Payments

The financial services sector is a high-value target for hackers, and therefore faces daily attacks that attempt to bypass defences protecting a growing number of attack vectors. A staggering 36 per

05 Oct 2018
Bob Lyddon

The UK’s New Payment System Operator makes a World Class CoP-out on Confirmation of Payee

New Payment System Operator (“NPSO”), the organisation charged with delivering the UK’s New Payments Architecture (“NPA”) and the “End User Needs” services dependent upon it, seems to be backing away ...

29 Aug 2018
Bob Lyddon

Big buck cost of NPSO directors just for the first few months of operation

NPSO Report & Accounts for the period from its foundation on 18th July 2017 until 31st December 2017 show Directors' Remuneration at £229,469, with the highest-paid director receiving £93,333. Thi...

15 Aug 2018
Bob Lyddon

Project Carlton Phase 1 on UK payments landscape is complete

The sponsor of Project Carlton has signed off on the intial research and endorsed that it be shared for validation with five or six interested parties. The research plots the ministrations towards the...

13 Aug 2018
Bob Lyddon

Research phase of Project Carlton, new UK payment services design

Two weeks ago, in a blog here on Finextra, we stated that our company had obtained initial funding and support for a project to design a new suite of UK payment services, to set against those being im...

20 Jul 2018
Bob Lyddon

Wolfsberg Group should publish its Competition Law advice about its Country Risk FAQs, as a starter

We just sent the third and final call in our series to the Wolfsberg Group, this time regarding the “Country Risk – Frequently Asked Questions” that Wolfsberg issued in March 2018. We are asking that ...

11 Jul 2018
Bob Lyddon

UK New Payment System Operator - the wrong direction and we need a new one

The UK’s New Payment System Operator is well adrift of the problems facing UK payment service users (e.g. lack of access to free ATMs, high fees on card payments for merchants, dwindling cash collecti...

03 Jul 2018
Breana Patel

The many benefits of Agile PMO

The task of integrating a Project Management Office (PMO) in an agile environment could prove difficult, but if done with thorough research and implementation, it can substantially improve efficiency ...

14 Jun 2018
Retired Member

Light at the end of the loan origination tunnel

When buying products online, ordering a taxi or booking a vacation, the modern consumer expects a simple, streamlined experience and instant satisfaction. I have often questioned why the same service ...

08 Jun 2018