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Bob Lyddon

Visa outage in Europe: letter to Charlotte Hogg from the UK's Treasury Select Committee

This letter is now public on the website, under /documents/commons-committees/treasury/Correspondence/2017-19/ This file name is visa-charlotte-hogg-040618.pdf Some tough questions t...

06 Jun 2018
Bob Lyddon

New Payment System Operator appoints two more natural legal persons as Member-Guarantors

I blogged two weeks ago that NPSO had become the operator of BACS and Faster Payments while in the control of just one person, and a natural legal person at that. NPSO has quickly appointed two new Me...

18 May 2018
Rolf Hauge

SWIFT gpi: why wait for 2020?

Just over one year on from the launch of the service, SWIFT has announced that more than 160 global banks have adopted its Global Payments Initiative, SWIFT gpi, allowing them to make high-speed, cros...

24 Apr 2018
Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

What needs a relook - Internal processes or workforce in the audit department?

The recent instances of scams in public sector Banks make one admonish the audit processes and practices in many Banks. The number of fraudulent instances are rising and it has become a norm to highli...

13 Mar 2018
Rolf Hauge

Upgrade your banking software like TESLA

There’s a lot about TESLA’s way of doing business I admire; especially when I think about what it could bring to the world of financial technology. I don’t mean a banking system powered by lithium-ion...

15 Jan 2018
Bob Lyddon

Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018: the global Remittances business

This is the fourth and final one of our four predictions for the Payments industry in 2018, and it is about the global Remittances business. We all know that this area has been badly hit by “de-riskin...

02 Jan 2018
Bob Lyddon

Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018 - New Entrants

This is the second of our predictions for the Payments industry in 2018, and it is about New Entrants to the payments business. The main focus is on Third-Party Providers and Payment Institutions as o...

29 Dec 2017
Bob Lyddon

UK NPA Blueprint rubber-stamped

The report (119 pages) on the consultation on the Blueprint for the UK's New Payments Architecture was finally made available on the Payment Strategy Forum website at about 3:30 pm today, on a page th...

08 Dec 2017
Sufyan Khan

Are the UAE banks ready for CRS reporting?

The objective of developing a Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is to combat tax evasion. Common Reporting Standard (CSR) is the tax reporting framework developed by Organisation for Economic Cooperatio...

01 Nov 2017
Retired Member

Making AI a reality in banking

Extensive automation of business processes in international banking using artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning, which I’m going to collectively call robotic process automation (RPA),...

26 Oct 2017
Anchal Tiwari

The C-Suite Challenges of a Trade Finance Bank

An insight into the challenges that plague the C-Suite of a bank determined to lead the trade finance business. Is Digitization the answer? Trade Finance has been a well established and important bus...

19 Sep 2017
Retired Member

PSD2 Regulation Will Bring Down the Walls, Not Build Them

The Payments Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is shaking up the industry, and for good reason. There is sometimes a tendency for the payments ecosystem to expect doom and gloom when it comes to new regulat...

17 Jul 2017