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Enrico Camerinelli

The future of transaction banking? Not a secret

To understand how Transaction Banking (TB) will evolve there's no need for crystal balls. Just look at what's happening in the procurement departments of the corporate world, and you get a sense of it...

25 May 2012
Retired Member

Me and my data 2.0

Who owns my data and where it is? Google has a lot of info about me, banks and insurance agents have it too, credit card companies carry a lot of payment data about me plus several other companies and...

25 Apr 2012
Martin Bailey

Guilty as charged!

There is nothing so unjust as when you have to pay for something that you think should be free or if you have to pay far more than the value that you perceive. News on the Internet, credit card annual...

19 Mar 2012
Olivier Berthier

Transaction Banking gearing up for transformation

Kudos to the Transaction Banking practice of PwC for recently publishing their updated review of the trends in and around transaction services. It is a recommended read and does a good job at summari...

16 Mar 2012
Andy Hunter

The Law Of Unintended Consequences

When, in 1984, the marketing team at Midland Bank first removed charges from some personal accounts, they couldn't have guessed at the long term consequences for the UK retail market. At a time when...

11 Mar 2012
Retired Member

Where is the value in payments?

Value is a concept that means different things for different people in the value chain. Understanding each perspective is vital. For consumers, under most circumstances, payments should be like an int...

24 Feb 2012
Barry Kislingbury

A day in the life of SEPA

January 31st 2012 was a SEPA day for me. First I had to present to the Misys Banking leadership team on what the news around SEPA migration dates means for the market, I had a new EPC news letter to ...

01 Feb 2012
Enrico Camerinelli

No need to reinvent the wheel-Part Two

Happy 2012. In this second part of my post I will address other points that make the experience of B2B solution providers so relevant to those financial institutions involved in developing global tran...

03 Jan 2012
Bo Harald

SEPA heroes..

Finland is moving fast

09 Dec 2011
Enrico Camerinelli

Transaction Banking: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

"What’s past is prologue" wrote Shakespeare in “The Tempest”. The phrase means that history repeats itself and continually influences the present. Nothing can be truer if we consider what fi...

02 Dec 2011
Patricia Hines

Upgrading Your TMS? Five Connectivity Questions to Consider

Are you in the process of upgrading your Treasury Management System (TMS)? So are many other Global 1000 organizations. Dozens of multi-national corporations each year embark on treasury transformatio...

26 Nov 2011
Retired Member

Why banks in India can't charge USD 5 for use of debit card

(or Rupees 5/- if you may please) Customer centricity is the new buzz word for bankers. The banks are drawing up strategies to retain customers, reduce customer attrition and when asked quote authent...

11 Oct 2011