Scott Cutler

Scott Cutler

Director, at Fortinet
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Bio To enable an effective defense, the data and security elements across all of your various environments must be well-integrated, able to share intelligence, and visible. Career History Leadership positions across System Integration, NCR & Cyber Security


Information Security

FS organisations require a more sophisticated level of threat protection, here’s why

10 Sep 2019

The financial services industry continues to be a prime target for cyber criminals. The opportunities available to steal payment card data, online banking accounts, compromise ATM machines using ransomware, cryptomining, and other malware, is simply too tempting. And the rate and sophistication of attacks is only getting more difficult to manage a...

Financial Risk Management

The Cyberthreat Trends the Financial Sector Needs to Follow

30 Jan 2019

By Scott Cutler, Director, Sales - UK&I MAM at Fortinet For cybercriminals, a successful cyberattack has the potential to bring significant financial gain. Capitalising on the theft of information, whether credit card or banking data or the selling of personally identifiable information (PII) on the dark web, ultimately involves exploiting


Recognising and Preventing Multi-Cloud Security Risks Within the Financial Services Sector

04 Dec 2018

The past few years have seen cloud adoption soar as organisations have begun to fully understand the benefits that the cloud can offer in terms of storage, flexibility, scalability and cost savings. Within the financial sector, according to KPMG, shifting back-office functions to the cloud allows banks to achieve savings of between 30 and 40 per

Futuristic Banking

The Growing Threat of Cryptomining

05 Oct 2018

It seems like the whole world is talking about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – around dinner tables, at the pub, and even in government meetings. It has also become a hot topic in boardrooms, where discussions around bitcoin aren’t just focused on its ever-fluctuating value. For many organisations, the focus is around how c