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A community for discussion of Transaction Fraud systems and anlaytical techniques for bank card and financial services organisations.

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Cedric Pariente

How to Crack WiFi Encryption in 1 Minute

Computer scientists in Japan say they've developed a way to break the WPA encryption system used in wireless routers in about one minute. How do they do? The attack gives hackers a way to read encryp

28 Aug 2009
Cedric Pariente

Hidden Risks of Cloud Computing

Lots of users are moving their computing lives from the desktop to the cloud. They rely on hosted web applications to access emails, store photos and documents. But even if it comes with a lot of conv...

25 Aug 2009
Cedric Pariente

Never Use Hotmail as Secondary Email Account

Registering for an account at any web site almost always requires an email address, and some people use a secondary address they don't care about instead of their real email address to avoid spam. I

30 Jul 2009
Cedric Pariente

Windows 7 RTM Activation Already Cracked

It's been less than a week since Windows 7 was released to manufacturer and already we're seeing reports that Windows 7 RTM Ultimate has been cracked using an OEM product key from computer manufacture...

30 Jul 2009
Cedric Pariente

VBF - Verified by Fraudster

Current authentication methods proposed by payment schemes are a joke for fraudsters. Not only are the credentials information static, but also very easy to get on the web. The fact that the code is

22 Jul 2009
Cedric Pariente

SSL Critical Security Weakness Revealed

It is not new to the experts, but SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is not as secure as it is supposed to be. The SSL security protocol is receiving a critical security update. This update does not concern

19 Jul 2009
Cedric Pariente

Apple kills Flash and Silverlight with HTTP Streaming

Apple just suggested to IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) the HTTP Streaming to replace the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) and even Flash and Silverlight. HTTP Streaming The purpose of thi

14 Jul 2009
Retired Member

Payments Fraud Hurts All of Us

This AFP survey (click to download pdf of report) makes clear a trend many have expected, that fraud would grow as the economy continues to suffer. And, no surprise, but larger organizations are a b...

02 Jul 2009
Cedric Pariente

Web 3.0 and 4.0

The web 3.0 is on every mouth. It seems like it’s one of the next buzzes on the internet. What is it? What can we expect from it? Before describing the WEB 3.0, let’s go a little bit through the his

29 Jun 2009
Retired Member

CardSystems Case Signals Accountability and Liability Shift

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Merrick Bank was suing Savvis, an IT consultancy, for performing a sloppy/inaccurate audit in 2004, of CardSystems compliance with CISP (Cardholder Information Se...

26 Jun 2009
Retired Member

Shining Light on a Shadowy Dark Underworld of Online Fraud

Elliot Castro is a born-again fraudster, who now acts as an independent fraud consultant. It's fascinating to watch and listen to him speak on this recent Finextra video clip , because although he's ...

23 Jun 2009
Cedric Pariente

Authentication Factors

Reaction to the article of TowerGroup Regarding the usage of "traditional" account information (name, address, birthdate...) as authentication...

16 Jun 2009

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