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What's the Future of Mobile Banking?

On Tuesday I chaired the Future of Mobile Banking conference held in London. It was a great event, with a wide variety of highly qualified speakers and some very smart debate on topics including mobil...

31 May 2012
Brett King

Bye-bye Checking and Current Account

I've been recently debating with bankers and credit union executives on the core banking proposition they offer to new prospects. One of the realizations that led me to this was some recent research r...

29 May 2012
Retired Member

Taking wave and pay to the fields, and the masses!

Barclaycard has made yet another foray into the contactless arena having announced last week it would utilise its sponsorship of the Wireless Festival in early July to roll out contactless wrist bands...

21 May 2012
Brett King

Mobile payments already exceed cheques

If you believe the pundits, mobile payments are years away from being mainstream. But that’s not at all an accurate assessment of the state of the industry. Firstly, a mobile payment can be many thing...

18 May 2012
Retired Member

Consumer sentiment backs mobile wallet

It was interesting to read that the FSA has warned retail banks to update their payment methods to improve customer service. In letters written in January the regulator urged banks to move with the ti...

09 May 2012
Retired Member

Innovations in SCF: Learnings from EPCA summit 2012 in Rome

On the 18th of April I organised an expert session during the 11th EPCA summit in Rome. The conference was held in the Palazzo Altieri, a beautiful place with a rich history in the heart of Rome. The...

02 May 2012
Retired Member

First Term Bank Report

Well we have got through the first quarter of the year and a lot of things have already happened. This is my 2012 first term report for banking and the changes that need to be made over the rest of t...

02 Apr 2012
Retired Member

Does speedy customer adoption matter to the Google Wallet?

Google is currently considering new ways to drive further adoption of its payments Wallet in the US, with Bloomberg suggesting that the company is planning to share revenue with carriers such as Veriz...

30 Mar 2012
Retired Member

Did I really just hear that?

My top five annoying office phrases that kill your company culture… 1. We are a strong follower This is the perfect cue to exit the office immediately. What does this even mean? How can you be a s...

26 Mar 2012
Retired Member

Will the UK sprint ahead in the mobile FS race?

Statistics from Nokia indicate that the average mobile phone user reaches for their mobile phone 150 times per day, highlighting that more than ever before consumers are relying on their mobile phones...

20 Mar 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

Banking lets all the 'fun fashionable' stuff happen

OK, so some of you may know I spoke at SXSW in Austin, Texas on Monday. But before I get into the gist of what I talked about - I attended three panels - all looking at various angles on the theme of...

16 Mar 2012
Retired Member

Twisting by the pool

The popularity of shared resource pools in banking over the last decade has been astonishing. Some banks have resource pools for every major job function. Creating groups of the same skillset was su...

12 Mar 2012

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