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A community for discussing the application of Web 2.0 technologies to financial services.

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Andres Fontao

Gamification in banking

I recently had the opportunity to attend Gamification & Banking: a passing fad or a serious business, at the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid. It’s part of series of talks and discussions around i...

25 Sep 2012
Retired Member

Why Financial Services outsourcing is the future

The world of Financial Services is at a serious crossroads. Whilst many in the Finance profession sniggered at the recent motivations and methods of the worldwide “Occupy Wall Street” movement – a de...

11 Sep 2012
Retired Member

The rise of the Robo Shopper

Both the mobile phone and a good dose of retail therapy are much loved by the UK public. Now it appears the two have joined forces to take the high street by storm. A recent Ofcom report, which set ou...

03 Sep 2012
Retired Member

Square up with mobile

Famous for its mobile payments solution, Jack Dorsey’s Square is already exceptionally popular with merchants in the US. For several years the innovative payments dongle has allowed small businesses (...

17 Aug 2012
Martin Bailey

Is your cloud SLA worth the paper it's written on?

When we recently bought a property, we had to engage the services of a solicitor in order to do the conveyancing. Part of the process involved a number of searches. A line of highly paid professionals...

15 Aug 2012
Elizabeth Lumley

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Does anyone remember the scene from season five of The Wire, when Proposition Joe starts laundering the money from the New Day Co-op drug cartel in an off-shore bank in Antilles? (If not, get the box ...

15 Aug 2012
Retired Member

London Olympics shows the cashless society has arrived

The Olympics has been touted as the biggest test ground ever seen for the mobile payments industry. Millions of tickets went on sale and sports venues around the country were kitted out with state of ...

14 Aug 2012
Retired Member

Minority Report

Late last week, Lloyds Banking group announced its mid-year results. Lloyds, the UK's biggest bank, posted a half-year loss of £439 million. The results were not surprising. The tide of economic tu...

05 Aug 2012
Brett King

Can the banking industry re-engineer trust in the system?

I grew up in a world where a run on the ‘bank’ was never realistically going to happen. I grew up in a world where when someone wished to declare the truthfulness of their assertion they’d simply say ...

01 Aug 2012
Retired Member

Where mobile meets high street

Mobile is tapping into high street shopping, with a new app from Quidco which will pay users small amounts of money to go into certain retailers, and send them discount coupons. It uses GPS technology...

12 Jul 2012
Retired Member

The War of the Wallets

Following a tentative start with Google first launching its mobile wallet offering last year and then O2 in recent months, the war of the mobile wallets has finally begun in earnest. Last week Microso...

26 Jun 2012
Retired Member

Charge some retail therapy to your Instore Wallet app

According to analyst house Gartner, the value of worldwide mobile payments is set to soar 62% to $171.5 billion in 2012. Moreover, if the market continues to grow at this rapid rate, it should be wort...

06 Jun 2012

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