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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Retired Member

VeriFone charges 10 per cent

When it comes to payments, London taxi is an interesting microcosm. A few years ago, cash was king and cabbies didn't look elsewhere - it is rumoured that many black cab drivers were filing their tax ...

04 Oct 2012
Retired Member

'Apple are parasites!' says... 'Vodafone'

Last week I had a bizarre conversation with someone who claimed to be "Head of European Business Development at Vodafone" (a big guy with a beard and Vodafone-red rimmed glasses - give me a ...

01 Oct 2012
Retired Member

Reactive Decisiveness

We always strive to be first. For some people it becomes an obsession. It becomes their reason for living. Their reason for cheating... nobody remembers second they reason. This seems to be the wa...

30 Sep 2012
Karthikeyan Venkataraman

The banker and her iPad

Recently I was talking to the department head of a leading bank. She told me that her salespeople were using iPads. "Great, What do they use them for?", I asked her and she said "To...

29 Sep 2012
Paul Gow

Back to the future

It occurred to me the other day that in a world where everything seems to come in cycles, market data appears to be no different. If you go back as far as I do in this business and I’m guessing that ...

28 Sep 2012
Brett King

Why the iPhone 5 means the end of the swipe and cards

It took almost two decades for credit card payments (followed by debit cards) to become globally ubiquitous, so it might be reasonable to think that a paradigm shift at the POS will take years to beco...

26 Sep 2012
Bo Harald

e-Invoicing is not a goal in itself

E-invoicing as such does not save the 250bn/year cost. It is an enabler - and that is why the focus should move to the next layers. Experts tend to dig so deep into details that they forget to commun...

25 Sep 2012
Bo Harald

Final words on authenticity and integrity

A panel discussion at EXPP made it clear that further clarification is needed to make it clear what the EU Commission means with equal treatment of paper and e-invoicing. The VAT directive states that...

25 Sep 2012
Retired Member

Mobility - A New Way for Banking

We often talk about mobile banking from a technological point of view, about the fancy new tools which allow customers to view the status of their accounts or execute simple transactions. Many have th...

24 Sep 2012
Retired Member

The last day of mobile payments

I will keep this blog post short and jump straight to the point (following our recent discussions with a number of key industry players who develop m-wallet platforms as well as phone-bound secure ele...

24 Sep 2012
Retired Member

What can kill EMV

For those in a hurry, here is an executive summary: ISO 9798, assisted by the likes of Verayo (as well as femtocells and in-store Wi-Fi). Anyone remotely familiar with EMV knows that it's a mess. EMV...

16 Sep 2012
Retired Member

Bank-operator vs Operator-bank

Startups have a variety of business models to choose from these days. Previously stonewalled Gardens of Eden have been opened up and made accessible on reasonable, in most cases, terms. Worldwide. Wit...

14 Sep 2012