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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Kartik Swaminathan

If BNPL, then why not PNBL?

While we have seen phenomenal growth in the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) segment in recent past, and I have already done a post on BNPL stating how the product is digital native, helping to expand the mar...

10 Sep 2021
Garima Chaudhary

8 Ways Innovative Technologies can Boost AML/CFT Program Effectiveness

The current financial crime compliance management efforts are based on a combination of automated but static analysis of a pre-determined set of risk factors, together with human judgement. Legacy sys...

08 Sep 2021
John Edison

Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Anti-Money Laundering: How to Address Bias

Introduction The eager and rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (A.I.) by financial institutions (F.I.s) may surprise those outside this otherwise cautious industry. However, the industry consens...

01 Sep 2021
Sunil Jhamb

Innovations That Facilitate Quick and Seamless Payments

Regarding online payments, customers are always looking for quick and convenient ways to pay for their purchases. After all, our daily interactions with technology have prompted us to expect a seamles...

09 Aug 2021
Kartik Swaminathan

Fintech Regulations - Way Ahead

With so much happening in Fintech regulators have a challenge at hand. We have in recent past seen many regulatory actions in India and am sure there are many taking place globally too. Highlighting...

28 Jul 2021
Paul Shumsky

Top 4 Remittance Providers For FinTechs

If you are a FinTech company building an international money transfer, payment solution or remittance platform, an integral part of it would be a cross-border money transfer processor. The only other ...

13 Jul 2021
Shaju Nair

CBDC - the waking giant

Just about a decade ago, banks worried about fintechs taking away 'some' of their businesses. Some years ago, banks worried about cryptocurrencies taking away 'more' of their businesses. Today banks n...

13 Jun 2021
Thomas Pintelon

Radically rethinking financial products from their core – 5 examples

Under increasing pressure from disruptive Fintechs and changing customer expectations, the banking landscape has drastically changed. Over the past 5 years, banking has been transformed from a risk-av...

01 Jun 2021
James Wooster

The Fragmented Desktop

Regardless of whether you are a trader or a portfolio manager, the user journey in Financial Services is, to date, a tale of disparate technologies, inconsistent ergonomics, and poorly optimized workf...

08 Apr 2021
Joris Lochy

A good business plan is the foundation of every new idea

Having a true "blue" (introvert and analytical) personality type, I often feel envy towards charismatic (often extravert) entrepreneurs and more specifically the ease with which they can set...

05 Apr 2021