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Assessing the carbon footprint of fintech and looking to the future.

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Low cost way to 'go green' - Walk to Work on Friday

In this time of stretched budgets here's a healthy way to make a little difference and all that is required is that you walk to work. Companies are urged to register as corporate ambassadors (free) an...

23 Jul 2008
Paul Penrose

HP boxes clever...not

HP has dedicated a fair amount of corporate Web space to promoting it's environmentally-friendly 'Green Giant' credentials. So I'm assuming this report from the Register is some kind of elaborate jo...

21 Jul 2008
Paul Penrose

Soaring oil costs force Visa on the back-foot

Visa has announced plans to cut the fees charged to petrol stations in the US, amid growing unrest at the effect that high interchange charges are having on merchant profits. Announcing the move, Visa...

27 Jun 2008
Matt White

Virgin ditches green card for no card

According to Marketing Week, Virgin Money is shelving plans for a biodegradable card. The firm seems to have decided that if there's one thing greener than a green card it's no card at all, so they'...

16 Jun 2008
Retired Member

Want to go green? On yer bike!

Given the soaring cost of oil and the increasing awareness that global warming really is happening - the email I got from TFL this morning seemed very timely. As part of their drive to increase cyclin...

11 Jun 2008
Matt White

HSBC and the not so green credit card

HSBC put out a press release yesterday hailing the US launch of a “green” credit card. Having looked at the details I think it’s safe to say the ecosmart MasterCard is not going to save the planet. ...

29 May 2008
Nick Hastings

World Environment Day, 5 June 2008

I was sent an interesting email recently from the Carbon Neutral Company, who are one of our partners for our Finexpo - Green City event. They were letting me know that on 5 June, it's World Enviro...

07 May 2008
Retired Member

Can you last a whole day without your computer?

A weird idea from Canada but thought provoking - a campaign to get people to shut down their computers and so on for a day. The idea is to spread awareness of the dangers of excessive use of modern t...

28 Apr 2008
Retired Member

Walk to work day

I wish I'd known it was walk to work day - I would've done just that today, even tho' it would've been a bit of a hike from North Greenwich. Mind you it may have been quicker than the Jublilee line w...

24 Apr 2008
Retired Member

Tracking Your 'Smart' Trash

Councils in Sydney, Australia (and other cities) are tracking trash, with RFID chips (like 'smart' cards) being placed on rubbish bins and bins being weighed during the collection process. This provid...

14 Apr 2008
Paul Penrose

Money makes the world go around

How do you get senior management buy-in for a commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality? By hitting executives where it hurts – in the back pocket. That’s the approach that’s be...

11 Apr 2008
Paul Penrose

Green is good

Organisations that are tempted to cut back on green PC initiatives as part of wider IT cost-cutting efforts may find themselves out of pocket in the near- to mid-term, according to Gartner. For most ...

08 Apr 2008