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Discuss business-related to fintech and/or how financial services can business owners.

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Paul Okhrem

Cryptocurrency in ecommerce — more than just a hype

Fiat money is a means of the mutual financial settlement between the market players. Be it for physical products or services, consumers look for flexibility in payment methods. Digital currencies are ...

26 Apr 2022
Konstantin Rabin

Top tools to use for website visitor conversion in fintech

If you want to get results and generate leads in digital marketing, you'll need the right tools. Conversion rate optimization solutions are essential if you want to maximize your SEO and marketing eff...

11 Apr 2022
Nick Boyer

AI: Helping businesses navigate the pressures of inflation

UK businesses are being hit by the highest levels of inflation in over 30 years, with Input Producer Price Inflation hitting 13.6% on the year to January 2022. In comparison, output price inflation wa...

29 Mar 2022
Retired Member

Fraud prevention in the new SCA era

A new payment regulation, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), will soon be mandatory in the UK. In March 2022 this once-in-a-generation change will come into force for UK retailers, and bring with i...

24 Feb 2022
Retired Member

How neobanks are defining the future of banking

Neobanks have received significant attention but also massive investments from venture capital firms. Neobanks globally raised more than $12 Billion in 2021, despite the global economic slowdown due t...

22 Feb 2022
Dennis Van Der Vecht

How Businesses can Use Web 3.0 Technology to Gain a Competitive Edge

Web 3.0 is the third version of the internet, which many tech enthusiasts have been excitedly talking about for years. It’s been described as the ‘decentralized web’ and ‘the semantic web’ and has be...

11 Feb 2022
Retired Member

Discord Marketing Strategies That Works Well In 2022 - A Quick Guide

Marketing or promoting is the core for every business, brand, or project to reach the right set of audiences. As you will be aware of social media marketing, through this, one could have an effective

03 Feb 2022
Retired Member

Why Cutting-Edge Order Automation Is An Essential For Retailers This Christmas

The Christmas season is here, and many retailers are feeling positive about performance this year, given that non-essential shops are open and things are heading back to normal. Sales, especially onli...

03 Dec 2021
Anna Kuzmina

Embrace the change. How Alibaba changed the Russian e-commerce and fintech landscape.

I am an avid promoter of Chinese influence on the world internet. In particular, when we talk about Russia. In my opinion, Alibaba corporation alone has done more for the rapid development of the Russ...

02 Dec 2021
Retired Member

Want an Edge in Web3? Try Full Stack Development Services

Full stack development services have existed for several years now. But they have never been as significantly crucial to growth as they are today. Let me explain. Facebook's 'Meta' identity got mixed...

23 Nov 2021
Jessica Bayley

The importance of seamless payment experiences in the restaurant and takeaway industry

87% of industry restaurant operators, owners and managers believe that technology adoption has been critical for survival throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (Global State of the Hospitality Industry). ...

15 Nov 2021
Anna Kuzmina

Is the Singles Day gold rush over?

Singles Day or World Shopping Day or 11.11 — AliExpress’ major sale might be the single most important thing that happened to Russia in this respect. Every year this sale breaks another record in Chi

15 Nov 2021

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