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Finance 2.0

Crypto friendly banks

09 Oct 2023

Banks have been subjected to the risk of inflation in the market. There have been many banks that faced downfall in history and are still facing them. In all such scenarios, some banks are considering the usability of crypto assets. It was a fact that people were thinking BTC would end the need for banks, but their codependence makes the future mo...


Fraudulent chargebacks - a major problem for businesses

06 Sep 2023

Chargebacks are a common issue, especially in the banking sector. It happens when any purchase or payment gets reversed, and the customers get their amount back because of the initiated dispute with their card company. The idea of chargebacks builds confidence in debit/credit card security and adds an additional layer of protection. Genuine as wel...


Bitcoin is more than just an investment

01 Sep 2023

Despite being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is often criticized for “not having any real-life use cases.” Well, nothing can be far from the truth. Millions of people are already using Bitcoin and other crypto services across a wide range of industries — from eCommerce to travel and gaming. When Starbucks unveiled ‘Starbucks Odys...


Bitcoin vs. Traditional Payment Methods: What Is a Better Choice?

17 Aug 2023

A payment method simplifies the mode of transaction of money simplified for the users and is reliable to them. There are certain qualities different payment methods have that make them unique. Various things need to be counted on when selecting this, like, fast enough to get settled, ease of use, and minimal fee criteria. Let's learn more about v...