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A group about everything related to embedded finance.

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Sophie Guibaud

Who is enabling Embedded Finance?

Embedded Finance is an ecosystem. It is an industry with a plethora of different players, and it is growing rapidly. Brands looking to leverage the power of Embedded Finance to help them develop new p...

24 Mar 2021
Sophie Guibaud

Building an Embedded Finance strategy: dos and don'ts

Embedded Finance is big news for brands. This new wave of the fintech revolution allows non-finance brands to embed financial services within their own product ecosystems. Simple API integrations, plu...

17 Mar 2021
Sophie Guibaud

Does the rise of Embedded Finance mean the end of the fintech sector as we know it?

The rise of Embedded Finance is only just beginning. Non-finance brands are already embedding financial products and services into their apps and ecosystems. Over the next couple of years we're going ...

10 Mar 2021
Sophie Guibaud

From Neobanks to Embedded Finance: defining a new future for banking

The impact of the challenger banks on the financial services landscape has been widespread and deep. The dominance of the legacy banks has been challenged, and consumers have been shown that they no l...

03 Mar 2021
Ignacio Javierre

Five Reasons why 2021 is the Year of Embedded Finance

In the past three years we have seen a new wave of challenger banks that have transformed the consumer banking landscape. Yet, this was just the beginning of what is set to be a true fintech revolutio...

04 Feb 2021
Joris Lochy

Ecosystems - The key to success for all future financial services companies

While the word "Ecosystem" was almost unused in the financial services world a few years ago, today it is on the top of the agenda of every bank and insurance company. As always, with such a...

16 Nov 2020
Scott Raspa

6 Examples Of Embedded Finance Changing The Future

Embedded finance is the future of the financial services industry. It’s the merging of a non-financial service provider, such as a retailer or ride-sharing company, with a financial service, such as p...

12 Nov 2020
Scott Raspa

Opportunities within Embedded Finance

In a traditional setting, payment is separate from transactions. At the end of a taxi ride, a customer has to dig into their wallet and pull out the cash or credit card needed to settle up with the dr...

29 Oct 2020
Scott Raspa

Is Embedded Finance the Future?

Embedded finance is financial services on the customer’s terms, from anywhere and at any time. They no longer need to visit their bank to get access to their money. In some cases, embedded finance (an...

21 Sep 2020

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