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Rob Straathof

How Acquirers Are Offering Instant Funding Without Putting Their Balance Sheet at Risk

There’s an all-too-common scenario that pervades the payments landscape: acquirers blindly falling into a commodity trap. This unwanted outcome occurs when a financial institution that processes credi...

22 May 2023
Rob Straathof

Neobanks' 4-Click Instant Funding with Embedded Lending

There’s a portmanteau that perfectly describes the challenger banks that emerged from the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis: the fusion of neo and banks to create neobanks. The use of neo – another w...

25 Apr 2023
Ermes Dajko

Is Embedded Finance the IoT of Banking?

If you’ve bought something online through an online retailer or through a merchant’s web site or app and you’ve selected to buy now and pay later with interest free instalments, a micro-loan is create...

07 Feb 2023
Kuldeep Shrimali

Embedded investments – An industry view

Abstract The financial services industry has seen significant growth in the embedded finance space for the past decade. The growth areas are mostly in the embed payments, insurance, and credit but are...

27 Jan 2023
Jamel Derdour

2023: The year of Embedded Finance

The embedded finance market has been growing at pace since 2020. COVID proved to be a crucial catalyst, accelerating e-commerce, financial digitalisation, and consumers’ changing expectations. To add ...

10 Jan 2023
Jamel Derdour

Embedded Finance: The Next Generation Opportunity

The modern e-commerce landscape has rapidly evolved to offer consumers faster, simpler and more secure payment methods. Rather than cumbersome bank transfers and checks, consumers can now make seamles...

05 Dec 2022
Matt Cockayne

Why a slow uptake of Embedded Wealth is an FI problem, not a tech problem

If the confrontational posture of the title to this blog has you reading this opening sentence, then it can lay claim to having performed its job. However, it’s worth quickly explaining that it was on...

24 Nov 2022
Brad Goodall

How to combat the rise of fraud during a recession

The brutal combination of high energy prices, high inflation, soaring interest rates, and global economic weakness has made the UK economy ripe for a recession until the middle of next year, according...

31 Oct 2022
Matt Cockayne

3 ways banks and wealth managers are adopting Embedded Wealth today (and why only one is delivering)

Such has been the stratospheric growth of embedded finance over the last 10 years, it was perhaps always inevitable that it would sprout new limbs and infiltrate other areas of money management from l...

20 Sep 2022
Retired Member

What if FinTech Product Management Started by Saying Yes?

The first principle you learn as a Product Manager is a simple one: how to say no. Steve Jobs famously said “I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done. Innovation ...

19 Sep 2022
Retired Member

Fintech and insurance – a dream team

When a forecast on the development of the embedded insurance market appeared in December 2020, an outcry went through the industry. The prediction: the potential market value of companies that enable...

18 Aug 2022
Rob Straathof

Instagram has launched ‘payment in chat’: what does this mean for online merchants?

Last month it was announced that Instagram is introducing a ‘payments in chat’ feature, where users can purchase products from businesses and track orders via the direct message function. Initially be...

17 Aug 2022

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