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The Single Euro Payments Area, the Payments Services Directive, the Eurosystem, TARGET2, STEP2, the Euro and related matters.

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We need to get on with it - reflections on the European Commission's instant payment proposal

Last week the European Commission published a draft proposal to amend SEPA legislation. They have commented that the adoption of SEPA Instant Credit Transfers has lagged, and this set of new rules wi...

03 Nov 2022
Fatemeh Nikayin

Pay by Bank- prioritising consumers and merchants interests remains a challenge

Account-to-account transactions, otherwise known as ‘pay by bank’, is a fast growing payment trend that leverages existing payment infrastructure and new open banking protocols to securely make a tran...

19 Oct 2022
Joris Lochy

SEPA Request-to-pay: a door opener to innovation

If you are not working in the payments industry, it remains a mystery why payments are such a complex domain. In its essence, it is just a debit from one account and a credit on another account, which...

06 Jun 2022
Retired Member

How to select a compliant cryptocurrency savings platform in Europe

If you are a European investor in any asset class, you know that inflation is at a ten-year high and that it is critical to deploy cryptocurrency to hedge against creeping inflation and create high-yi...

25 Oct 2021
Jens Bader

SEPA’s big three – Understanding the impact of incoming payment schemes

SEPA is a European role model in payments harmonisation. It started as the logical next step after the introduction of the Euro as a single currency, and has already standardised Euro payments across ...

28 Jul 2021
Peter Larsson

Nordic payments evolving

One year ago, I posted an article What’s next for Nordic payments? Rise of real-time that is cross Nordic border – the P27 initiative that now has become a de facto infrastructure with a real plan go...

31 Dec 2020
Laura Francis

The New Reality: Directly connect to SEPA Instant without the need for a Central Bank

What do a Fintech, a Tier1 bank and a non-bank PSP have in common? The committment and drive to make payments faster, easier and more cost effective for the global financial community. This includes ...

05 May 2020
Joris Lochy

PSD2 - 10 questions requiring an answer - Here is a shot on an answer.

A bit more than 3 months ago, I submitted the blog "PSD2 - 10 questions I would like to see a clear answer on" (

16 Jan 2020
Bernd Richter

European Mobile Payments - the next chapter?

Yet another run on mobile payments in Europe - or really the next chapter to build a realistic and successful counterbalance to Apple, Google, Samsung, Visa, Mastercard and alike? An newly created a...

03 Sep 2019
Bob Lyddon

Brexit Withdrawal Agreement gives the EU ample scope to continue to spend on the UK's credit card

The Daily Express issued a “shock horror” story on 30th December that the EU was in financial meltdown over the loss of the UK’s budget contributions. This seems overstated. They have no need to worry...

17 Jan 2019

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