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Share opinion and experience on how the payments landscape is changing and learn about the challenges and opportunities facing payments stakeholders in the future.

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Muhammad Faizan Siddiqui

Modernizing Payments

The push to the modernization of payments is not a recent phenomenon. Financial institutions and intermediaries have regularly been moving through rounds of improvement; but, this time, the pace of tr...

25 Jul 2021
Gabe McGloin

Reduce Customer Disputes with Data Transparency

The digitisation of commerce has escalated the need for card-not-present (CNP) businesses to bring proactive customer communication to the fore. From digital receipts to high-tech AI chatbots, sellers...

22 Jul 2021
Peter Thomas

The return of ‘Blankety Blank’… a firm favourite

The recent news that the iconic ‘Blankety Blank’ game show was returning to our screens under the masterful Bradley Walsh brought back many great memories. Originally a firm family favourite on the BB...

19 Jul 2021
Joris Lochy

Treasury management at SMEs - Still too neglected?

Treasury management or more generally Supply Chain Finance management is still a neglected topic at many SMEs. While large international corporations make the investment into expensive treasury manage...

01 Jun 2021
Eric Christensen

Buy Now, Pay Later: What you need to know before you invest

The global pandemic has dramatically accelerated the long-term consumer shift towards ecommerce channels. While the initial explosion in online shopping came out of necessity, with social distancing a...

19 May 2021
John Bertrand

Customers have 50 percent chance of reimbursement after APP fraud

A consultation by the PSR (Payment Systems Regulator) to PSP(Payment System Provides)/Banks to prevent Authorised Push Payment Scams (APP) at source and to provide better support to the victims is und...

08 Apr 2021
Abigail Vaughan

How Can Technology Support Stretched Payroll Professionals?

The past year has seen organisations of all sizes forced to adapt to uncertain times. Industries have had to become more agile as situations changed rapidly and new restrictions on work were coupled w...

22 Mar 2021
Helen McHugh

Alleviating the complexities of the payment ecosystem

The payments ecosystem is a complicated multi-layered pathway of entities – which can include a BIN sponsor (issuer), processor, programme manager, card bureau, scheme (for example such as Visa or Mas...

18 Mar 2021
Ame Stuart

The pandemic and cash usage

A lot is being documented on how COVID has accelerated the digital banking and transformation agenda, as more remote channels have become the norm for everyday banking. Similarly, the pandemic has als...

19 Feb 2021
Chinmay Jain

What problems does payment orchestration solve?

Payment orchestration is a hot topic in digital payments and needless to say, it has become even more relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Essentially, a payment orchestration platform can help busi...

18 Jan 2021
Retired Member

Payment Solution Architectures For The Post-Pandemic World

The surge in electronic transaction volumes in 2020 was driven by the switch to contactless card payments and the increase in e-commerce, triggered by the behavioural changes of consumers faced with t...

07 Jan 2021
Joris Lochy

Peer-to-peer payments - A crucial component towards a cashless society

The Corona crisis has led to an exponential decrease in the usage of cash, due to the associated hygienic problems and the enormous rise of eCommerce. While in commercial transactions cash is disappea...

01 Dec 2020

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