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Bio Ilan Friedman is a veteran global business professional whose expertise lies in launching advanced products into global markets through a combination of disciplines. Ilan currently serves as the Director of International Growth Strategy and Implementation at Nipendo



The Effective Way for Healthcare Facilities to Manage Inventory Levels

18 Jan 2022

Properly managing medical equipment inventory is essential to the effectiveness of hospitals and healthcare facilities, and to their ability to appropriately provision health services. The inventory must be recorded and updated continually so that it provides an accurate picture, enabling the healthcare facility to avoid shortages, track expiry da...


Moving from manual to automated supplier management in manufacturing

11 Jan 2022

Manufacturing companies often face challenges associated with complex supply chain environments, which significantly impact the way they manage supplier relationships. Procurement in these settings involves working with a variety of different supplier types, sometimes based in different global locations, which must comply with specified policies ...


Winning The Competitive Battle By Looking Inward

07 Jan 2022

The battle in which competing enterprises are continuously engaged requires them to look both outward, at such things as revenue growth, new revenue generation, increased market share or new market gains, and inward at cost-reduction and greater efficiencies. An organization that embraces a long-term approach to maintaining a competitive advantage ...