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Stuff that's out there in the way out and beyond in banking.

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Alex Bray

Are there branches in the Star Trek universe?

The big news in U.K. retail banking last week was that the Royal Bank of Scotland is planning to close another 158 branches. The bank states that basic transactions have fallen by 43% in 7 years. Yet ...

27 Mar 2017
Dharmesh Mistry

When Alexa met Spencer: AI's having conversations...

http://tem.mn/A1-ch4tbot See the demo. Though only a mere two months into the year, it already seems certain that 2017 will be the year of chatbots and AI. The rising prominence of chatbots and AI ...

22 Feb 2017
Retired Member

Building a case for Banking of Things

Building a case for Banking of Things The networked economy of devices could hold promise for accelerating both banking services and operations to the next level of seamlessness On the one hand, risin...

18 Feb 2017
Ed Daniel

How many Ts is that?

Noting the news last night it's not a great time to be associated with banking and as such the professional community will seek solace amongst its members. So, during this period of kinship and suppor...

26 Mar 2009
Retired Member

Be my - ATM-finder - eye, buddy!

Wow, this is a very cutting-edge new innovation from ING Netherlands. My android cellphone shows me the available ATMs in my sight, by pointing the camera of the phone to any direction. ATM markers a...

23 Mar 2009
Retired Member

The Next Big Thing - A Bank

I've been known to make some outrageous predictions about such things as how many (few) global banks there would be in a few years (last year) and the boring sort of stuff, like there is no security o...

19 Mar 2009
Paul Penrose

What's the difference between Hbos and HSBC?

What's the diference between Bank of America and Wells Fargo? Citibank and JPMorgan Chase? Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC? Hbos and Barclays? From a consumer perspective, very little. They all offer ...

25 Feb 2009
Matt White

Intuit demands Mint proves user numbers

As the recession bites, more and more of us are turning to personal finance management tools to keep control of dwindling funds. One of the big boy in the US is Intuit with its Quicken Online offerin...

24 Feb 2009
Ed Daniel

UK Banking Retail OPEN API

This has been on my mind a lot recently, mainly out of frustration with using my bank's web sites as they don't support Firefox very well. More so, my bank and credit card providers especially are a ...

16 Feb 2009
Retired Member

Facial recognition authentication in bank branches?

As the facial biometric authentication is developing, I can foresee a scenario, when the face of the customers are scanned by a corner camera as they step into a bank branch. The authentication is don...

29 Oct 2008
Retired Member

Bye Bye Cheque Truncation..

It is interesting to note that after a little more than a decade, Canada has decided to stop investing and creating technologies and market infrastructure for cheque imaging to make the paper clearing...

28 Oct 2008
Paul Penrose

The contactless wristband

Antony Jenkins, CEO of Barclaycard says contactless chips have huge untapped capability, but the plastic around the chip limits its potential. "Take the plastic away and the possibilities are end...

09 Sep 2008