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Shyam Khandelwal

Shyam Khandelwal

Business Analyst at HSBC
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Bio Working as business analyst for business transformation projects Career History More than 15 years of experience in Banking operations, Banking IT, Implementation and Business Analysis. Worked with various private sector banks in India. Large IT companies.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Future of Money. Point to note or notes to points

27 Aug 2019

Do we really need the money as we know it today, in the future? The world is moving fast towards digitalization of financial transactions. The level of innovation happening in payments space is mind boggling. Governments are realizing the benefits of digital transactions and the negatives of cash, as a result, the usage of notes and coins is decre...


Futuristic Banking

Do banks really know their customers ?

05 Sep 2017

Background The other day I was shopping on Amazon and Flipkart online. I chose a mobile to buy and on the same page, another section came up which had information displayed for a mobile cover and a screen protector for that mobile. The site also created a combo deal of all 3 items (mobile, cover and protector) and gave the total amount which needs...



Health is Wealth: How Banks can help their customers remain healthy

05 Jan 2017

Banks and Customer Health ‘Health is Wealth’ is an age old saying. Banks have been traditionally associated with ‘Wealth’ part of the customers, but I believe now it’s a high time for the Banks to be involved in the ‘Health’ part also. Being a part of customers’ health regime is the new mantra. It has dual benefits, it does help the customer in...


Loan against Smartphones - Can it be a reality ?

30 Jul 2016

Background on Smartphones market dynamics IN the recent years, mobile phones have turned out to be one of the best inventions by men. Today, its difficult to think about life without a mobile phone in hand. Smart phones have given different meaning to most of the activities these days, be in banking, travelling, personal upkeep, keeping in contact...