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Bio Risk Management / Corporate banking Professional, keenly interested in Predictive analytics, Digital disruption and Blockhain technologies with specific focus in Capital Markets. Note: The opinions expressed in my blogs and comments made are wholly mine and should not be viewed as Temenos's views. Career History Analytics, Risk Management, Corporate Banking; Banking Technology, Digital Evangelist, Passion for emerging technologies (example: Blockchain)


Digital Banking Trends

Digital Engagement Banking–Importance of Business Process Modelling

09 May 2021

In my earlier blog I put forth the point, that a comprehensive knowledge of industry specific workflow is necessary for modelling an innovative business process. I will illustrate this with the task of a ‘Customer Deposits Cash’ in the work flow ‘Cash Deposit’; then follow it up with the use case modelling of business processes on the foundatio...

Digital Banking Trends

Digital Engagement Platform– Is it Banking or Process or Technology?

03 May 2021

I was in conversation with a person from a digital engagement platform (DEP) provider, the conversation was all process. As a banker who has grown straddling banking and technology, I realised quickly she had little knowledge of the underlying business workflow. Banking, accepting money for lending is one of the oldest professions, quite versat...


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

To Decide or Not to Decide - XAI is the Answer

23 Jun 2020

The corporate world was better prepared in the wake of the tectonic shifts that we are passing through. All that was required was a change in the mind set; this without the option. The digital mantra kept the office lights burning. A solitary office where the employees congregated each morning mushroomed into 60 separate SOHOs. Thanks to intern...

Analytics in Banking

Analytics: The Power of the Law of Association

09 Sep 2019

Analytics of late, is on the main stage for several organisations across industries. I have seen several implementations. As a consultant evaluated the cost benefit (investment to business value) and viewed it donning the hat of an information system auditor. This article is written from that experience. The business value is in the design of ass...

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