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Banks are orchestrating customer interactions with data, AI and tech, to obtain better leads and achieve higher sales conversions

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David Villaseca

Connecting with Millennials & GenZ candidates in Financial Services: Intelligent talent acquisit

Millennials and Generation Z already represents 49,7% of U.S. population, which is a challenge for the ability to recruit, hire and train a diverse workforce for banks and insurance firms. Millennial

13 Dec 2019
David Villaseca

Are Banks really responsible in a digital world? Challenges on United Nations COP25

This week, we held a discussion on Responsible Banking on the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25). It connected different experts from Bank of Spain, Santander, etc. In terms of gre

04 Dec 2019
Willem Lambrechts

NLP AND SALES , PART 1 : COMMUNICATION - an interesting paradox

June 1985, the author of this piece graduates from College. He proudly shows his Certificate titled : "Specialist in marine electronics"! The main subject during the whole curriculum was com...

03 Dec 2019
David Villaseca

How are banks becoming digital sales engines? Marketing Technology and Intelligent Sales

In the era of “Intelligent Banking”, banks are applying AI and autonomous solutions to grow margin and revenue using the most effective channels. Leveraging their data, they hyper-personalize communic...

31 May 2019

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