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Retired Member

A second chance for the SI?

Looking back at MiFID I, the Systematic Internaliser (SI) didn’t really take off, resulting in a meagre 1-2% market share in the FTSE 100 today. Many EU countries had different models to execute or in...

18 Sep 2015
Retired Member

The rise of the Super Sales Trader

Spent a great few days in Madrid last week at the International Trader Forum. The event brings together key figures from the buy and sell-side to debate the current and future likely shape of the ind...

15 Sep 2015
Retired Member

BATS auctions off the block problem

There has a been a lot of talk about how to trade blocks that are smaller than the LIS waiver but that are still too big to go to regular lit markets. The debate has been ratcheted up by the 4 and 8% ...

10 Sep 2015
Ivy Schmerken

Buy Side FX Shifts in Evolving Market Structure

As electronic trading grows on the buy-side and top dealers retreat from sharing market color, exchanges are snapping up FX trading venues. In July, Deutsche Borse said it will buy foreign exchange t...

09 Sep 2015
Anne Plested

All together now

A common approach will be key to minimising the fallout of MiFID II implementation, particularly around the extra data required for record keeping and transaction reporting and for algo identification...

01 Sep 2015
Retired Member

Lightening the load

Technology is meant to make life easier. Be it a smart phone, TV or fridge, or even a smart water kettle, they all promise a simpler life. Whether they deliver on that is another matter entirely and t...

26 Aug 2015
Retired Member

The Dragon chasing its own tail

Few can have missed the carnage roiling Chinese stock markets recently. What’s interesting though is the emerging hubris from Western media that this is due to the intersection of communism and capita...

26 Aug 2015
Neil Crammond


WHY QUANTATIVE EASING IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION ! History tells us that planning an escape from Q.E. is virtually impossible, our last effort kept rates on hold for over 23 years and conclude...

24 Aug 2015
Retired Member

Best ex transparency moves to the next level

The draft technical standards for MiFID II require exchanges to publish quarterly execution quality reports (RTS 6). Sell-side firms are expected to digest these and update their best execution polic...

11 Aug 2015
Retired Member

Unbundling versus Best Ex

So, the September date looms for ESMA’s final clarification on unbundling. What seems evident is that payment for research with trading commissions is definitely going to be out. What seems less clear...

05 Aug 2015
Retired Member

Can Continual Certification Keep Everyone Safe?

One of the most surprising facts I have encountered in our little niche market of financial services onboarding and certification, is just how much attitudes vary towards it. Certification is the &qu...

22 Jul 2015
Ivy Schmerken

Tick Pilot: The Road Forward

Trading in securities of some small cap companies will change next May when the industry is scheduled to implement the tick-size pilot widening spreads for more than 1,000 stocks. But like Y2K, Reg NM...

22 Jul 2015