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Retired Member

A quick guide to the latest mobile security standards

It has been some time since we last posted on mobile security standards (originally the topic surfaced when Global Platform started working with the GSMA and EMVCo) but many industry players have anno...

31 Oct 2011
Pat Carroll

Mobile wallet - who and what will be a winner?

This week, McKinsey and EFMA issued a report on the future of mobile banking in Europe. Is it a surprise? Not exactly. What strikes me about the report is that whilst banks admit that they are not in...

28 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Pat Carroll

How to reap rewards of m-commerce growth

A clutch of recent news stories makes all too clear the opportunities and the challenges of the mobile payments revolution. First up, research from Barclays Corporate forecasts that m-commerce in the...

20 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Brett King

The biggest threats to the banking sector

Recently I've been discussing with bankers, economists, strategists and futurists the future of the banking industry. At a time when we've got the likes of the"Occupation of Wall St" (#OWS)...

19 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Banks Should Embrace NFC

Of the three models that I described in my last blog – credits by invoice extension, virtual credit cards by application, and virtual credit cards by NFC – which would benefit banks most? As I alluded...

17 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

What are the obstacles to Social IT in ITSM?

I heard last May in San Diego an excellent speech by Chris Dancy from PinkElephant. Chris explained to the audience about the evolution of IT: in the 1980s our bosses didn’t want us to use the phone ...

14 Oct 2011
Social Banks
Retired Member

Mobile banking hotting up...

News that Lloyds TSB has unveiled a newly enhanced mobile banking service, while Citibank has re-launched its online banking site, demonstrates the increased focus on mobile financial services and onl...

07 Oct 2011
Online Banking
Retired Member

One last thing

As excited that I was writing about the upcoming Apple event on the 4th of October, as sad am I to hear the news, today, the 5th of October. Others have written about the impact Steve Jobs has had on...

06 Oct 2011
Retired Member

The Holy Grail: The Mobile Wallet

The promise of using our mobile phones as wallets, replacing our credit cards and cash, is a promise that has yet to arrive, but now seems to be just around the corner. Some weeks ago for example, Mas...

03 Oct 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

One more thing

It's that time of the year again. Just a few more days to go. Less than a week, actually. October 4th to be precise. What? You haven't guessed it yet? Time for a new Apple product launch my dear! It's...

28 Sep 2011
Retired Member

Where next to make mobile happen?

Mobile devices continue to develop, with new hardware, operating systems and software coming regularly to market amidst a wave of publicity and fanfare – just look at the speculation surrounding the n...

26 Sep 2011
Retired Member

Mobile Doesn't Have to Mean Insecure

In my last blog, I stated that security is the number one concern for retail bank customers and investment bank managers. In fact, at one time or another, nearly all of our investment banking clients ...

22 Sep 2011
Information Security