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René Schoenauer

Will embedded insurance become the future of the industry?

Many in the insurance industry see embedded insurance as the logical next step in the industry’s evolution. Proponents argue that with its promise to disrupt insurance distribution, embedded insurance...

25 Nov 2022
Digital Insurance Trends
Andrea Dunlop

Preparing younger generations for the world of digital payments

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the shift away from cash, with people all over the world embracing digital payment options and mobile-first technology. When used w...

25 Nov 2022
Sean Gilbert

Investing: Active or Passive?

The merits of active and passive investment have been debated for years, an average of 35 per cent of active equity funds outperformed their passive peer in the 12 months to June this year, according ...

25 Nov 2022
Personal Finance
Philip Chethalan

Best Practices, Challenges and Trends in Employee Onboarding for BPOs

Employee Onboarding effectiveness defines whether your employee will be engaged or disengaged at work, depending on the impression created on them. Poorly managed onboarding can lead to abandonment, e...

25 Nov 2022
Information Security
David Vilf

Top four things to consider when building an eKYC solution

Millions are spent annually on Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures as businesses strive to confirm identities and fight money laundering. The rise of online banking and...

24 Nov 2022
Koen Vanpraet

Leveraging FX solutions in the face of a volatile pound

With recent ONS GDP data estimating that the UK economy shrank by 0.3% in August compared to July, the Bank of England now says the country will soon enter its longest recession since records began. ...

24 Nov 2022
The Payments Business
Sara Costantini

From fintechs to major financial institutions – we all have a role in fighting fraud

At this time of year, many of us will be out getting gifts for loved ones and buying in food to host families and friends for the Christmas period Spending always spikes in the holiday time and in th...

24 Nov 2022
Open Banking
Simon Luke

Why casinos are still failing to crack down on money laundering and how they can tackle it

Many of us have seen Ozark - where dirty money is directly cleaned through a casino - but just how much of this is based on truth? Historically casinos have been a target for money launderers. They ar...

24 Nov 2022
Vlad Goga

Start-up funding: the key role of the finance department

A start-up’s journey can be a rocky one, made more complicated by the various rounds of external funding that are necessary for growth. Start-ups seek this funding from external investors to be able t...

24 Nov 2022
Matt Cockayne

Why a slow uptake of Embedded Wealth is an FI problem, not a tech problem

If the confrontational posture of the title to this blog has you reading this opening sentence, then it can lay claim to having performed its job. However, it’s worth quickly explaining that it was on...

24 Nov 2022
Embedded Finance
Steve Morgan

What is holding banks back from great sales and service?

In this tough economic climate, there’s no doubting that customers are looking for ways to minimise expenses wherever possible against the rising costs of living. Banks have a key role to play in supp...

23 Nov 2022
Innovation in Financial Services
Helghardt Avenant

Innovation inclusion is a key building block to financial inclusion

In many ways, technology makes the world go round, not money. It is hard to imagine life without cars, planes, instant messaging, video streaming, and even social media. As we have seen in history, ne...

23 Nov 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

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