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Helene Panzarino

Small business needs taxis not tankers

Large incumbent banks don’t serve small and medium-sized businesses well. Dress it up in euphemisms like ‘It’s an underserved market’ all you want; the reality is they get the short straw when it come...

5 m
Disruption in Retail Banking
Brad Hyett

The future of EPOS: How point of sale is transforming the customer experience

The events of the last 12 months have transformed the financial technology sector and catalysed a new wave of innovation that is revolutionising the way we pay, and get paid. From contactless payments...

1 h
Terry Boyland

The Benefits of Cloud Technology for Asset Management Firms

Across all industries, cloud-based technology is uprooting traditional IT operations, business models, and overall financial strategies. This is equally true when it comes to asset management, as the ...

15 h
Digital Banking Trends
Maxim Kazakov

Does Fecebook’s Libra poses any real threat to economy?

The correct answer is ‘No’. Libra threatens banks as well as VISA and MasterCard. Actually, there is nothing wrong with Libra. This ‘stablecoin’ is just a fictious digital surrogate for money. Faceboo...

17 h
Josh Rix

Open Finance - don't forget about SMEs

Retail banking has always been the poster child of innovation, while SME and commercial customers are typically left behind and often undeserved. SME customers arguably require the most support from t...

23 h
Open Banking
Steve Morgan

Is banks’ focus on mobile to the detriment of ominchannel customer service?

Multiple lockdowns over the last 12 months resulted in mass bank branch closures and the rapid shift to digital payments and financial services. With increased dependency on online channels, it was in...

01 Mar 2021
Customer Service 2015-2019-2025
Anna Kuzmina

Banks vs Fintech

I know, I know, this ‘banks vs fintech’ sounds sooo 2017. I would have thought that there is nothing to discuss there any longer. But what do you know, it is early 2021 and the first payments-related ...

01 Mar 2021
Abhi Desai

The promise and possibilities of Open Banking

The open banking ecosystem is thriving. It is poised to dramatically transform how banks and their customers engage and operate, at a scale and pace not seen by a banking industry, best known for its ...

28 Feb 2021
Open Banking
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Blockchain Technology Challenges: new third-generation solutions

Notwithstanding the various benefits of blockchain technology, there are still a number of big challenges to overcome before mass adoption can be realised. These range from low scalability to lack of ...

28 Feb 2021
Blockchain Observations
Tejasvi Addagada

Ten Financial Services use-cases of Catalog, Glossary and Metadata

Banks and Financial institutions are modernizing their data platforms and associated tool-sets to serve the fast needs of data practitioners, including data scientists, data analysts, business intelli...

28 Feb 2021
Analytics in Banking
Stu Bradley

Fraud and Financial Crimes: 5 predictions for 2021

2020 was a year like no other, as disruption from the novel coronavirus pandemic created interlinked health and economic crises. In retrospect, the unknown magnitude of COVID-19 and its ripple effects...

25 Feb 2021
Innovation in Financial Services
Greg Nilson

Is It Too Late to Invest in Bitcoin?

In February 2011, Bitcoin cost $1. 10 years has passed and BTC is $51,000. Having spent $100 to buy Bitcoins back then, you would have $5,100,000 today. This could be considered one of the best invest...

25 Feb 2021
Cryptocurrency Insights