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Andrew Beatty

The Future of Credit

Why Commercial Lending Must be Digital and Real-Time When the Internet age arrived, banks became known for using leading-edge technology to solve complex business challenges. In the decades since, the...

10 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
John Bertrand

APP Fraud is now virtually free to the banking industry

The effects of fraud are not merely financial. As with other crimes against the person, victims suffer deep emotional distress – people have been known to commit suicide. The victim-blaming approach ...

10 h
Simon Farmilo

The 5 Green Fintechs You Need To Watch In 2021

Regardless of your beliefs on the extent of climate change and global warming, we can safely assume all of us want a healthier and cleaner planet to live in. For some reading this, it can be difficult...

12 h
Climate Fintech
Pooja Golakonda

Who says elephants can’t dance?

There is this pandemic which has changed several equations. No doubt there is a need to be more and more digital to ensure resiliency. While this started long back in retail banking and is also now re...

23 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Tomer Guriel

US financial institutions embrace digital transformation in the wake of COVID-19

As the dust settles, a strong digital appetite is emerging amongst US financial institutions who are increasing focus and spend on digital capabilities, customer onboarding, and product origination. ...

21 Apr 2021
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Amita Choudhary

Call Center Industry Philippines: Fintech Outsourcing Capital of the World

Fintech is currently one of the major growth areas for call centers in the Philippines. The model of many fintech operators is lean; the focus is on the technology and offering their customers finess

21 Apr 2021
Simon Wilson

5 ways banks can compete in payments

Remaining competitive in payments is the key to future relevance and profitability for incumbent banks. But with incumbents now competing on multiple fronts against various players, how can they stay ...

21 Apr 2021
Peter Jones

EPI - 10 Critical Success Factors and Key Enablers

EPI – 10 Critical Success Factors and Key Enablers Ever since Europe lost EuroPay in the late 1990s, payments stakeholders have been dismayed at the steady decline in their domestic debit card scheme...

21 Apr 2021
Peter Jones

Covid Contactless - Cost Benefits Bonus for Merchants

Much has been written about the impacts of COVID19 on cash displacement and consumers rapid migration to contactless card payments. Some commentators have raised the fear of unbanked cash disenfranch...

21 Apr 2021
Dmitry Dolgorukov

Top countries for launching a Fintech startup

In this text, you can find some analytics that may help reveal the sweet spots for business and investment on the world’s map in 2021. Certain regions and countries are friendly to innovation that hav...

21 Apr 2021
Fintech innovation and startups
Nischal Shetty

Everything you need to know about Crypto Trading Bots

Cryptocurrencies are known for being extremely volatile, and prices fluctuate drastically even in the space of minutes. Investors have the opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency trading around

21 Apr 2021
Cryptocurrency Insights
Lucy Heavens

My Prognosis for Remote Working in Wealth Management

The ship has sailed. Remote working will remain, post-Covid, even in wealth and asset management. The debate now centres around the balance between remote and office working, and the long term effects...

21 Apr 2021
Capital Markets Technology