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Women Bank - Innovative concept

P Chidambaram’s budget (Indian Finance Minister) gave the biggest surprise in his Budget speech by announcing a public sector bank exclusive for women.

Currently in India as per 2012 World Bank Study, only 26% of women in India have an account with a formal financial institution. It is known fact in India women are discriminated against the loan giving process. They usually need to work really hard to show their credibility as entrepreneurs. Seeing this it will defiantly empower women in India

Indian government is planning to launch the bank with initial capital of 1000 crore Indian rupees. It will lend mostly to women and women run businesses, support SHGs and women's livelihood, and address aspects of empowerment and financial inclusion.

Concept is good but there minor details still need to be announced. The business model it adopts will decide how effective the bank will be and how it innovates to cater to women needs

Thus with "Women Bank" we will have new lending products tailored for women only which will allow Indian women to work in the public space more independently and financial inclusion of women


Disclosure : I wrote this article myself and it express my own opinion


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