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Most Inspiring Ways to Reach Out to Customers

Banks and credit unions know the importance of using media to maintain brand awareness. Coming up with a simple and catching idea has always been a challenge for many organizations.

We want to lend a helping hand to readers who need to invent new ways to gain customers’ love. We have researched the most remarkable advertising from financial organizations.

Afterwards, we will present the anatomy of the outstanding and successful customer acquisition campaign.

So make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and let’s begin!

  1. The list is topped by a British multinational financial services provider: Barclays. A series of artwork convices everyone on the bank’s ability to set emotions aside.
    Advertising Agency: SAA, Moscow, Russia
  2. A privately held Colorado bank has got the runner-up prize. FirstBank’s glow-in-the-dark electroluminiscent road billboards are super effective in spreading news on FirstBank’s around-the-clock customer service. Advertising Agency: TDA_Boulder
  3. Nordea Bank, a Stockholm-based financial services group, has launched the third most attractive advertising campaign. Nordea Bank suggest better ways of using the traditional piggy bank: certainly, the customers’ personal funds are from now on in safe hands! Advertising Agency: DDB, Helsinki, Finland

Where do of these bright concepts come from? What secret weapon could help the authors of these creative campaign impress the public?

Our answer is: knowing your audience. Research to establishing the target customer profile, study their demographics, tastes, preferences… including even secret desires and fears.

Some companies would like to estimate the budgets involved in these campaigns and their financial effectiveness. We would rather focus on the following questions.

  • What is the demographic and psychological profile of customers to be targeted through a particular marketing campaign?
  • Which  potential customers will be profitable?
  • How to maximize the outcome of the new venture?

To have precise and reliable answers to these questions, our clients are supporting and automating their client acquisition and customer lifecycle efforts with business intelligence solutions.

Data modeling and predictive analytic techniques deliver insights on the target audience. Business intelligence tools for behavioral analytics help you to better understand your target group. And, the better you understand your customers, the more effectively you can create and run customer outreach campaigns.

Application of business intelligence goes beyond design and support of the marketing activities. Data modeling solutions are used in portfolio processing systems to automatically segment and rate accounts . This allows you to select the optimal pricing, manage particular credit lines or the entire portfolio more efficiently and thus greatly increase customer loyalty.

Despite the widespread opinion that a creative spark is all that is needed for a successful campaign, analytical and objective understanding of your audience is also essential to design an effective promotion. Furthermore, decision automation techniques and solutions can significantly increase the effects of customer acquisition efforts, reduce costs and help every financial organization gain customers’ trust. 


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