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Know your network to avoid DoS attacks

Last week another one of the high streets leading banks admitted to suffering from a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Whilst customer data was said to not be affected, it did cause a huge inconvenience for customers trying to access banking services online.

Unfortunately this is not the first issue the banking sector has had this year. DoS attacks likes these are becoming more frequent. Earlier this month, Capital One and SunTrust Banks became targets to hackers, suffering an eight hour period of attacks. As the issue is becoming far more common, it’s time for organisations to take control of their network sufficiently and protect it adequately.

Prevention is better than cure, and although it might seem as though DoS falls out of the IT manager’s capabilities there are tactics they can exploit to avoid disruption and downtime. Having a solution in place that allows you to monitor and manage what traffic is travelling through the network, means that you can stop attacks before they even get to the point of being exploited.

For the banking industry, it’s crucial that IT departments are proactively monitoring their networks, or at least implementing a solution that enables them to spot potential attacks before they happen.

The risk of downtime is very harmful for stockbrokers, who rely on fast responses and quick trading to beat competitors to the best deals not to mention highly annoying to customers who can’t access their account details.

The consequences of a DoS attack can be dangerous and costly, but taking the time to prevent it is not as complicated as organisation may think and try taking single steps that can avoid this both now and in the future.


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