19 July 2018
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Using Tech Support to Set Up Your New Devices

31 July 2012  |  2318 views  |  0

There are some things in life that require a “professional” to get the job done properly. You wouldn’t let your cousin Larry who’s a landscaper reset a broken bone in your hand right? You can certainly go to a hardware store and buy all the wood to build a deck, but just because you know how to swing a hammer doesn’t mean the deck will be safe, or even up to code.

Frankly, I’m a big time “DIY” or Do it Yourselfer” and take on most tasks myself. However, some things I know are beyond my expertise and I usually hire someone to do those tasks. So even though painting my house is a relatively simple task, I hire someone because they often get it done faster, better and cheaper than I can do it myself.

With technology I hire out for many tasks because some things can be done much better and more efficiently by a recognized expert. When I first started computing in the early 90’s I was on the phone with tech support all the time and learned an awful lot from these experts. Just figuring out how to use your new device can be challenging. So why not leave the process of getting your new devices to work with your existing ones, setting up connections, printers, etc. to someone else?

Consider getting help with tedious tasks such as:

Configuring your device out of the box

Customizing your desktop, screensaver, icons, profile picture, folders and tasks

Setting up your browser, homepage, bookmarks, and optimize the security settings

Creating user accounts

Installing all your software

Setting up printers and scanners

Configuring your email

One thing I learned is that even though I have a general working knowledge of technology, like painting, sometimes it’s easier to have the experts do the job. You’ll save yourself a ton of time and reduce headaches over the life of the device if you hire a professional to walk you through setting it up. 

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