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Stop, collaborate and listen: BIAN and The Open Group align

This month sees another milestone on the road towards widespread open standards in banking IT, in the shape of a new partnership between BIAN and The Open Group.

Bringing together the banking sector expertise of BIAN, with the wider industry track record of The Open Group, the collaboration aims to help banks adapt to a rapidly changing business environment through more interoperable banking services whilst staying within their familiar architecture framework.

What this partnership gives banks is the right path to follow when combining the principles of BIAN with The Open Group Architecture Framework. By mapping the core elements of the two frameworks onto each other, users get the best of both worlds.

When the banking-specific content of BIAN is applied in The Open Group’s Architecture Framework environment (TOGAF), development work becomes faster, while TOGAF brings its renowned global standards for deploying Enterprise Architectures to the table, adding value to the way projects are approached and perform.

Not only will this give banks the ability to speed up their service oriented architecture (SOA) project delivery but also dramatically reduce IT integration costs, which are often triple the purchase cost of the original software.

By encouraging banks to work with enterprise architects and their senior IT colleagues, in addition to the vendor community, the banking IT community as a whole can take a major step towards improving interoperability in the banking sector.



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