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Before and after elections

Will we still keep hearing this:

“We do know what to do – but not

how to be re-elected - if we do it”

How can this be true? Assuming that the thing that should be done – things like cutting costs, borrowing less, deregulate here, regulate there etc – are good for society at large – and should in an objective analysis be done as soon as possible.

Why is it then so difficult to explain it to voters? Who stands between the voter and the factual situation? Is it the politician who is not capable of explaining the actions? Is it the oppositions opposing every move by the government (and then trying the same when in government) that scares them off? Is it media that portrays the action in a bad light – to sell more with bad news – or not sharing the same political view? Can it be possible to get a more analytical media coverage?

I do not know – but in these times – it is worrisome that voters are not served easier to understand and analytical coverage.

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