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1 April: Thumb insurance for Twitter addicts and NFC chip implants

Here at Finextra we have far too much respect for the intelligence of our readers to try and trick them with April Fools Day hoaxes. Fortunately, plenty of others are less concerned so here's a round-...

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Charlie Sheen Keeps "Winning;” Named CFPB Director

In a unanimous vote, Congress named former "Two and a Half Men" actor and self-proclaimed "Vatican assassin warlock" Charlie Sheen the inaugural director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"[Expletive] and [expletive] to you all!" proclaimed Sheen before a crowd of cheering lawmakers. "For my first act as Director, I am renaming the CFPB to be called Charlie's Financial Protection Bureau. Second, I plan to hire 1,224 goddesses as my staff and to make all consumers [expletive]."




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