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Russell Burke

Russell Burke

Senior Payments & E-Money Authorisation Specialist at The Central Bank of Ireland
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Bio Working for the Central Bank of Ireland as a Senior Payments Advisor and Authorisations Specialist in the Consumer Protection Directorate Career History Currently working for the Central Bank of Ireland as a Senior Payments Advisor in the Policy and Authorisations Division of the Consumer Protection Directorate, Russell was previously Head of Strategic Development with IPSO for seven years.



And another one

01 Apr 2011

Charlie Sheen Keeps "Winning;” Named CFPB Director In a unanimous vote, Congress named former "Two and a Half Men" actor and self-proclaimed "Vatican assassin warlock" Charlie Sheen the inaugural director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. "[Expletive] and [expletive] to you all!" proclaimed Sheen befor...


Lots and Lots of Fivers!

11 Aug 2008

Why only fivers? Perhaps this makes sense for small cash withdrawals, but for larger amounts I would imagine a combination of large notes and some fivers would be more practical. Leaving the debates on a £5 coin and contactless cards aside for the moment, both of which could mean "less time at sales tills and less fiddly loose change",...



'Less Cash' not 'Cashless'

25 Oct 2007

This story which deals with an interesting subject. Who actually benefits from a shift away from the traditional use of cash? Ultimately the economy of a country should benefit the use of more efficient, electronic payments rather than the slower and more costly forms of payment such as cash and cheques. Whether this manifests itself as lower ...