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Customer created bank services

Instead of each bank creates their own new services, is there a need for customer created banking services?

Current world

Today if I have a new and brilliant idea of new banking service, I tell my own bank this idea. Most of the times (9999/10000) it is automatically rejected. This means that I don't go to other banks and get same feedback.


My idea is to create one Wiki based service, where every customer regardless of their own bank can drop their ideas, other users can comment and create those ideas, technical experts can build prototypes and banks can come and buy these ideas and implement. If they use, they are entitled to return those ideas back to same forum. 

Who benefits?

With this service end users get products they are most likely to use. Technical experts get a place, fame and job offers to work and finally banks get better services with lower cost. For example if I bring idea which is bought from bank, let's say at the price of 20 000 €, I will get input fee of 5 000 €, technical experts who have been working with this idea get 10 000 €, other key input people who have given input share 4 000 € and system provider who manages this platform will get 1 000 € of administrational fee. 


Is there a need for this? I believe if there are thousands of people who are voluntarily putting time and effort for creating Wikipedia or similar services, there has to be someone who would like to co-create better banking products, which are really meeting the needs of consumers.

If you are interested in to work together with me and create this idea a bit better, just contact me. I have already some plans for this how it could be done.




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