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New Business Opportunities in Egypt

WelI you can guess what I'm going to write about. The North of Africa is hotter than the deserts that fringe it. Even in Cairo despite hundreds of thousands being in the streets the citizens confess they hardly noticed the rain and snow falling.

The coming hours and days will determine the fate of not Egypt but perhaps those who try to prevent the Egyptian people from retaking their nation.

Egypt's course is set.

Best make the right noises in the right places. The Egyptian revolution is not political or religious, Egypt's revolution is democracy in action.

We all know the strategic position Egypt occupies. It has now become very strategic for western powers large and small to put every effort into assisting the Egyptian people to achieve democracy.

If you have any doubts watch this video

You know what the outcome is going to be.

Do what you can to make it be peaceful.


The announcement is coming now.



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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 13 February, 2011, 11:34Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Well I guess if you were lucky enough to tune in on Aljazeera you might now know what sort of rain and snow was falling in Cairo. The rain was rubber bullets and the snow was clouds of tear gas (expired and toxic). An Egyptian girl commented that the rubber bullets felt like rain, but expressed unwavering determination to see the revolution through to the end. Her courage and that of her fellow son's and daughters of Egypt showed a level of courage unmatched in known history. There is a new standard for bravery and it will be difficult to surpass.

A time has come in this world and many things will be 'revolutionised' in the near future. I have an idea of what they may be. It is going to be the 21st century not the dark ages. The power has shifted. Don't for a minute think that it hasn't and rest assured, nothing is immune to change, rapid change.

We live in interesting times. Best to engage.

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