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Greenspam, sandwich filler and economic predictions

Normally it's not good form to take potshots at the mistakes of fellow media organisations. But today's newsletter from press release aggregator Bob's Guide contains a particularly amusing piece:

    Deutsche Bank hires Greenspam as advisor

   Deutsche Bank has hired Alan Greenspam as senior advisor to its investment banking unit. The appointment of the former chairman of the Federal Reserve is believed to have been spearheaded by Deutsche. . .

This headline, and continued typos throughout the story, conjure up an interesting image of Deutsche Bank's board turning to a tin of mouldy SPiced hAM for economic advice. But Greenspam has another meaning. Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed blog posted an interesting definition for the word earlier this year:

greenspam (v.): to make repeated, increasingly inflammatory attention-seeking predictions about the economy and/or stock market.

Sample usage: Boy oh boy has Alan ever been greenspamming this week with all his nattering about the supposed subprime spiral.

Although Paul posted this definition back in March, the subprime spiral reference is particularly timely now. Perhaps Greenspam, sorry Greenspan, was onto something after all.


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Elton Cane
Blog group founder
Elton Cane - News Corp Australia - Brisbane 14 August, 2007, 13:07Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes You'll find if you click the link that Bob's Guide has now fixed the errors on its website. But emails are forever.

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