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So does the Mac work straight out of the box?

01 August 2007  |  4803 views  |  0

I decided a few weeks ago to take the plunge into the Mac world as I need to run ProTools for some serious audio work and it just hasn't worked well on Windows.

I kind of dreaded the whole setup routine - with my previous Vaio and Dell it was a matter of reformatting and reinstalling to lose the "free" bloatware, then running Windows update and installing a virus scanner before the machine could be compromised. Then getting the latest drivers for assorted items. Then disabling services, possibly sorting the Registry and turning all the silly visual fluff off. And so on - since ProTools is a demanding beast. 

I've not been near a Mac for years so I asked my iMac-owning pal Chris if he had any tips on setting one up - and here they are:

  1. Comb your hair before you start - for when the Mac offers to take your photo to go with your profile
  2. Don't worry about virus scanners - if there's ever a serious Mac virus threat it'll be such a big news story you'll have plenty of time to do something about it
  3. Don't worry about de-fragging - the file system handles it all.

Actually he just gave me item one - I added two and three. 

So it arrived. I opened the box and was immediately struck by how gorgeous the polystyrene packing was - someone had clearly gone to the trouble of "designing" it - and I read the small, useful booklet.

So - switch on - tell it your language, tell it your country, smile while it takes your picture. Let it update it's software over t'internet. All told about ten minutes. And you can start! It has iLife and a trial version of something called Microsoft Office - not sure I'll be needing the latter.

Then I had to install Mac versions of all the licensed music software. And I have a lot. And it all worked flawlessly. First time. This never happens. Apart from ProTools of course. But that rarely works first time on anything....

So yes - it does work straight out of the box. And the keyboard lights up when it goes dark.

And given it's Intel Core 2 Stuff running Unix - I wonder why these things aren't used for ATMs and such? 

And the adverts are entertaining too.


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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts - UCL - London | 01 August, 2007, 15:55 80Gb? That's more diskspace than my old laptop!
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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts - UCL - London | 17 August, 2007, 13:32

Well - two weeks on I can confirm - yes it does work. And it continues to amaze me by working with everything else I own - including my mobile (which never worked properly with the clunky software that came with it). The Mac just found it via bluetooth and offered to sync to it. The word seamless leaps to mind.

Hate to say this but it's a joy to use. I used to carry my old Dell around wrapped in a bit of bubble wrap in a rucksack. I've bought a neoprene sleeve to protect the Mac. Slippery slope - apparently this happens to Mac owners...

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