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Isn't there anything untainted anymore?

There are various guilt trips that people across the world have - vegans on animal cruelty, 'greenies' ,.... and now looks like even the hi tech items we use on a day to day basis are tainted with blood.

Well, at least that's what this news item on Time says -,8599,1912594,00.html

It looks like the stuff that goes into our laptops, PCs, mobiles, IPods, Blackberries are all likely to send us into a major guilt trip. A parallel is drawn here to the 'blood diamond' trade that set the world thinking and coupled with the recession sent diamond prices crashing!

In a report released by an organisation Global Witness (wonder who is it?) claims that "multinational companies are furthering a trade in minerals at the heart of the hi-tech industry that feeds the horrendous civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo."

Of course, our PCs and laptops, etc already irk all the greenies of the world. So, now we have to bear the added cross  of 'blood' on our hands - everytime we type on our laptops and mobiles.

I am already feeling very guilty - typing out this blog!



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