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Banks sceptical on cloud computing - survey

21 July 2009  |  8913 views  |  0
Despite the hype, cloud computing has yet to gain real support among banks, many of which are concerned about the security and potential risks of a technology they view as immature, according to a su...

Cloudy with sunny intervals...

21 July 2009  |  3321 views  |  1

...I am not surprised by the results of the survey given the current hype, but it is interesting to see that some are trying out a few financial things that seem to work well in the "cloud". And I thought Amazon sold books...

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Elizabeth Lumley
Elizabeth Lumley - Girl, Disrupted - Crayford | 22 July, 2009, 14:02

There is a certain type of person who like to pour scorn on anything that brands itself as innovative or (God forbid) cutting edge.

But the current backlash against the hype surrounding cloud computering should not take away from the truly innovative nature of clouds, streams and other so-called 'cool' technologies.

The battle for the desktop (getting on or getting off) has waxed and wanned for years. Cloud computing has a lot of potential in the financial services - let's hope we see more practial solutions and less marketing drivel.

(Grid Designer's Blog, Brian? I shall bookmark that one ;-)

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Brian Sentance
Brian Sentance - Xenomorph - New York | 29 July, 2009, 13:10

Thanks for the follow-up Elizabeth and you make a good point - I personally find it very easy to get tired of technology marketing hype (except my own obviously...) but at the same time you have to keep an open mind, particularly to those technologies that fundamentally make a lot of sense (e.g. cloud, virtualisation, external server hosting etc) but currently face technical limitations or just as importantly human barriers to acceptance...remember 10 years back with "Application Service Providers"? - not much different in concept to SaaS in my view but maybe the timing is now right...

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